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    @Jwrenn Please make sure you know what your radiation therapy will cost well before you start. In the private system it can run into five figures. It's not covered by Medicare at all. I'd be calling them immediately. K xox
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    @kmakm I did ask the original surgeon when I  saw him in the clinic and he said it wouldn’t cost, I think because I was referred from the public system. Thank you for reminding me and I might give my bc nurse a call. 
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    Thanks girls for your messages 🥰
    @arpie I am thinking positively & keep telling myself it’s going to be doable for me too, I have already purchased my udder cream, @Jwrenn yes they told me I could start 4 weeks from surgery. I am a water baby & swimming & standup paddle boarding are my regular exercise sessions & sanity savers so was really upset when I was told I can’t do either during treatment, I’ve already had 2 weeks out of the water due to op & healing so have decided to put off the start date until the week after Easter as we are camping I couldn’t bear not being in the water.
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    Another SUPer @Sister!
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    Dear @HunnyB
    Love your 'pen name'!

    from jennyss in Western NSW