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Cramps 😩😩



  • cranky_grannycranky_granny Penrith NSWMember Posts: 439
    I never thought about the cramps i get as being related to my PN. To me it makes sense  Nerves trigger muscle movement our nerves have being knocked out by Our treatment we’ve have so why wouldn’t the muscles get the wrong signal from the damaged nerves
    When the cramps were at their worst i went by my mothers old wives Reason and treatment. (Im either  not drinking enough Or your low on salt)
    So in the middle of the night I’d munch on chips with my drink bottle trying to walk them off on a cold surface like the cold concrete driveway 
    Must have looked a sight doing all that  on the shared driveway in the middle of the night.  Don’t  know If it worked for real or they just lasted as long as they were going to last anyway. 
    Still get them but nowhere near as bad or as often And still using the same old remedy. 
  • NefertariNefertari Member Posts: 288
    edited February 2020
    Thanks ladies, I will bring it up again to the eye rolling experts, fortunately they are not daily anymore or I may have to get the cannabis oil @Blossom1961

    I have rarely had a cramp in my life so I was convinced that the PN or the operation or both triggered them.  Im relieved to find others have them too.

    @cranky_granny, the mental image of you munching chips and walking up and down your driveway in the middle of the night was hilarious, I hope you were appropriately dressed haha
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