Waiting time for therapy



  • arpie
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    Haha We all check Gr Google far too much too, even tho we shouldn’t! @Joarden - but as Breast Cancer has so many varieties and different stages and treatment has progressed so much in recent years .... much of Dr Google’s info is WAY out of date and downright inaccurate (specially for newbies like us! )

    If you are still having your wounds looked after, that could be the reason for the delay, too.  People heal at different rates, and of course it depends on the severity of the surgery.

    You say you are ‘regional’ ... where abouts are you (roughly ... town/city?) if you add it to your profile, others familiar with the area can give more specific info re your area!  ;) 

    yep, ask away any specific questions .... write them down, to take to your surgeon or Onc

    take care xxx
  • Joarden
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    Makes more sense, wound healed well, then suddenly sprung a leak!! Took a while to get used control, hope it stays that way..we live in goulburn unfortunately, so specialist is once a month, with urgent cases going to Canberra to see her..thank you, and hope all is going well for you.:-))xxx