Exploiting breast cancer



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    AllyJay said:

    . Advertising in general is very often very objectionable and / or dishonest. 

    The understatement of the thread :) Behind every ad is an agency, and I have an almost unhealthy loathing of the middle men who come up with these ideas. Anything that can possibly be construed as sexy/salacious/ titillating (sorry for that) is fair game and there is no depths to which they will not plummet to sell product. Regardless of the impact and the more controversy, the more 'clicks' and exposure their clients get.
    It occurred to me recently, that I buy very few things that are individually advertised, though many of the retailers I use do have recognizable jingles or catalogues. I relentlessly report any ads that appear on social media feeds in the hope it pisses someone off (objectionable  covers a multitude of sins)  and don't watch commercial TV. There are mercifully few billboards in this section of the planet. I guess these campaigns must work or they wouldn't bother doing it, but I have to wonder who the customers are.
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    We not only need increased survival rates, we need a cure.
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    @Patti J yes we need a cure..but simplistic statement. Breast cancer is many different types and research continues to find better treatments. For many women currently the current treatment options, if caught early enough is a cure...just not for all. 
    But we do also need better treatments for women who can't be cured...this is where survival times are  very important. 
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    Not so simplistic in my case @primek