Exploiting breast cancer

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Is anyone else as furious as me about the revolting, demeaning ad campaign by Honey Birdette exploiting Breast Cancer Awareness month?
I'd like to know if our leaders are going to write a position statement on this.


  • BlackWidow
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    Have not seen it as my anti-virus says the site is not tested as safe.
    Google it and you will find petitions re that company and the ad campaigns.
    Which 'leaders' are you referring to ?
    What do you hope they can do about a company like that ?
  • Jax1964
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    The link is genuine.
    So this sort of advertising is fine with everyone?

  • TonyaM
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    @Jax1964, that add is disgusting and offensive!
  • iserbrown
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    Advertisers look at exposure and $s to be generated!  
  • Afraser
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    And that's the best way to respond - don't buy their products, or watch their programs and encourage friends and family to do the same! 
  • kezmusc
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    Is anyone a subscriber to the courier mail?  Apparently they have just released a statement. It sounds like the McGrath foundation has had something to say.  

    Oh Dear.  I have just had a look on their FB page and surprisingly there is only one comment of outrage.  Soon to be two.  At least that chicky won't have to worry, doesn't look like there's anything in there but silicone :) 
     I agree it's unclassy and  a slap in the face, however, according to them they have already raised the $30000 in 5 days.  I wonder if the money actually goes where they say it will.  
    I have never had a problem with the pink.  I liked pink before and I still like it now.  It does it's job as far as fundraising goes because a heck of a lot of people get behind it.
    I agree @Sister.  My daughters turn 21 today and no matter how much I promoted self worth, good body image and self esteem it all fell to bits in grade 9.  One struggled with anorexia for a while and they both constantly compare themselves to what's seen on social media and are never happy with the way they look.   You are banging your head against a brick wall. Good luck.

  • kezmusc
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    Ok I found it.  McGrath foundation has asked them to remove the advertising.
  • Patti J
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    When I  worked at a very large public hospital, a friend in high places, asked the newsagent to remove some posters from the newsagent's window. They showed skimpily dressed women. He told the newsagents that he found the posters to be very inappropriate because there were many women in the hospital without breasts
  • BlackWidow
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    Good of you (not) to give them a free ad !
    Ignoring them and not buying their wares is the best we can do.
    The link may be genuine but if it is not a 'safe' one then why jeopardize one's computer system ?  Thanks @BlackWidow, pleased you alerted me.
  • Zoffiel
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    Yep. Colour something pink, add a statement about raising awareness,  promise to donate a portion of 'profits' and Voila!  your company has done all it needs to do to give itself a licence to do some very virtuous advertising. I know that some  businesses donate  substantial amounts of money, but I seriously doubt any statements about altruism. 
    Some of this stuff makes my eyes cross, but I don't buy their product anyway. Pink buns and sexy lingerie are both no gos for me these days and I won't purchase anything else that I suspect is taking advantage of my disease.
  • CRM
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    Honey Birdette products might not be in everyone's taste but the company has over $600k followers on Instagram so if they can raise awareness and donate a bit of money then I think it's fantastic.  Most companies that participate in philanthropy will then use it for their own publicity or advertising.