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Hello everybody, 
I'm new to this webpage. Sadly 3 weeks ago diagnosed with BC, I'm 47. I decided for full mastectomy and my results were good for to be able to do Oncotype DX test. I'm having first app. with oncologist this Thursday, will go ahead with the test and hope all goes well. I'm having couple questions, if somebody will be so kind to help me. How long it takes get results back? If good results and I don't have to have chemo, is there anybody who had this test done many years ago and still cancer free? I'm just so scared if I don't have chemo that cancer will come back..... I'm bit mess atm. especially every time I look on my kids or start to think about the future. hank you very much


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    Sorry you have to be here but it’s a good place for advice. I know that chemo sounds scary, no-one likes it but if it’s recommended, it’s worth at least giving it a shot. With cold cap, some are able to keep their hair and many don’t find the side effects as bad as they used to be. I didn’t really have a choice but it can be comforting to know you have done everything you can to stop bc in its tracks. I worked through chemo, no nausea or fatigue. It’s a bit of a lucky dip! Good luck with your test. 
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    Hello @Blanka,
    Welcome to BCNAs  online community were you can connect with our very supportive community members.  It can be a tough time making decisions regarding treatment. See link below with further information regarding Oncotype DX test. 
    Dont hesitate to call the BCNA helpline on 1800 500 258 if you would like to speak with a cancer nurse for information and or support. Wishing you all the best
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    I had the Endopredict test and as I had it at Christmas it took nine days to get the results. My oncologist said it normally took two or three days.

    I would suggest having more confidence in the test. Chemo is understood. They know how it works so if they detect something in your cancer sample that indicates chemo wouldn't be useful I'd accept it. And vice versa.

    The time will probably come in our lifetime when chemo won't be used anymore. It is a scorched earth, napalm treatment. And what's more, there are many out there who had chemo and their cancer came back anyway.

    These personal genomic tests are the beginning of the future of individualised medicine. I'm not a medico, but I know that in Australia we get the breast cancer treatment in the world (we have the best survival rates along with Finland). Go with confidence and trust your medical team.

    You won't know either way if you don't do the test, and no one will make you do anything you don't want to. Your body, your life. However if the test indicates that chemo would be of no benefit I doubt you'd find an oncologist that would prescribe it in the face of that.

    So take a beat, go for a walk, talk it over with a trusted friend or partner, sleep on it, and see what your gut tells you.

    Whatever happens, we're here for you. K xox
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    Hi Blanka. I had the Oncotype DX test - it took about 2 weeks to get the result. My oncologist is very supportive and on top of the latest studies and he communicated to me about the pros and cons. I had so many what ifs and for a time was unable to decide (and I am quite aware of the time sensitive nature of starting chemo). If chemo can be avoided, then we should at all cost ($5000 out of pocket for Oncotype DX), but I still wanted reassurance. The test somehow provided that. Managed to bypass chemo, my treatment plan now is tamoxifen daily + Zoladex monthly. The hardest thing is making the decision; once I'm there, I'm taking it one day at a time. You do what you think is best for you. All the very best.
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    i had the oncotype test in February 2017,took about 3 weeks for mine to come back,it came back low and I avoided chemo on recommendation from my surgeon and oncologist, so far so good for myself. I don’t regret not having chemo but it’s a very personal decision , i had radiation and now on tamoxifen,I was diagnosed at age 40. I remember at the time I was also very confused,it’s hard.
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    Hi Blanka, I had the oncotype dx test about 2 months ago, the result took 2 weeks + 2 days to come in. I’m 39, my score was 10 so chemo was not recommended. I read up on the test, the organisation that administers it to understand it better. You will make the right decision for you at the time. All the best xx
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    Hello all ladies. Thank ou very much for all the answers I got. It really helps with everything. I'm slowly learning to take step by step (which with my hyperactivity is very hard :-) but I'm always optimistic. Paid today for my DX test, have on next Tuesday Pet Scan and than from there we go. Hope all will be fine and I can go back soon to my gym, work hard-ish than usual in my garden, fly to see my parents in Czech and have good fun. Thanks again to all of you!!!!