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The hospitals here just got an influx of oncology patients in the past month. Then the heart centre today told me they are having trouble keeping up with all the new oncology patients needing an ECG. What is going on? Has there recently been a new push to get tested for cancer? So many, so sad.



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    I think they are just getting better are diagnosing many cancers earlier, @Blossom1961.    And many who have chemo then require ECGs, as it can damage heart tissue badly.  :( 

    Tho when I got my 'biopsy call back' in the weeks leading up to Xmas last year - they tried to say the long wait between my ultrasound & biopsy (4 weeks) was as 'they always get busy at this time of year' - as if suddenly, everyone gets diagnosed with possible BC!  FFS - it was weeks before ANY of the public holidays!!  I finally had it on Dec 23rd.

    Sadly it looks like they are underfunded/understaffed/under prepared for the numbers of people coming thru  :( 
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    I had an ECG as one of my pre-op tests. Maybe it's standard procedure?
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    Yes it is standard but they are now being inundated for some reason