goodbye xeloda hullo to navelbine

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Hi to everyone, just thought I would drop by and say that after 34 months of xeloda its time for a change, I had scans last week and went back to my oncologist yesterday, he had been discussing with me the gradual change in my markers and now with one of my tumours growing slightly its time to make the decision to change chemo, also, he knew that the hand and foot syndrome really was getting me down, so now I have a washout period of 20 days and go back to see him on January 31st to get my first dose of navelbine another form of chemo that I can take in oral form,the regime is very different to what I have been used to and the side effects are a bit grim however after the last almost three years on xeloda I can cope with anything, it will be fantastic to get rid of the runny nose, weeping eyes and the best part will be getting back the use of my fingers and hands,so onwards and upwards from here,it will seem a bit strange to not have that security blanket of taking chemo for a little while but my partner and I are looking forward to this time together when I will have more energy, I even joked with my oncologist about flying to the UK, he only said one thing, about travel insurance, THAT IF - and only if, I got really ill, that it would cost anything up to $100.000 dollars to be brought back home, he said all of medical treatment would be covered in the UK, but, that a commercial airline would not bring me back, he did not say this in a negative way, he was just giving me the facts, a  friend of mine who has terminal pancreatic cancer is going overseas and she is being covered but at a cost of $4.000 thousand!! - so whats  a girl to do, I will think about it but not sure if my desire to back to the UK is strong enough for the risk, I dont want to do the sights just see family,I will do some thinking!!! I am at peace with myself in terms of my diagnosis, it will be 6 years in June this year,  and I plan on being around for a very long time - so ladies, - I do hope you are all well,
and living life to the best of your ability -



  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 3,300
    Seeing family is important so I do hope you can work it out.

    Good luck with the new treatment!
  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,368
    You are an inspiration @wendy55 (even though I'm sure you would rather be someone wandering through life doing things unremarkable)
    Realistically, how 'really ill' can you get in a couple of days? Yes, I know you are at risk of all sorts of diabolical nasties, but if that stuff hasn't presented so far, and you've given yourself enough time to figure out how you react to the new meds why not go? If you start to feel like shit, cut your loses and come home, lickety-split, don't hang around to see what will happen, just crawl on a plane. But go, please go, unless you are absolutely told not to. Mxx
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    All the best with the change over in treatment @wendy55  .... and hope the side effects aren't too bad. 

    Just a thought ...... I don't suppose some of your family could come over here to visit you instead?  If you wanted to, you could perhaps 'subsidise' their travel (if they don't have the funds) with some of what it would have cost you to go over there?

    I know hugs and cuddles can't be replaced - but there is always Skype (once everyone gets over feeling 'self conscious'?)  They see you and you can see them ... 

    take care xxxx
  • kezmusckezmusc Member Posts: 889
    You're just awesome @wendy55.

    All the best with the new drugs. Take the trip if you can lovely.

  • KattykitKattykit Member Posts: 161
    Good luck with your new treatment, I hope you get to visit with your family in the UK.
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