Repeated eyelash loss

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Finished chemo 8 months ago  A few months later I lost my lashes and a week later there was a little fuzz and all back in a month. Then 2 weeks running on a Saturday I wore false eyelashes over my good lashes and they disappeared. Been behaving and yesterday as I put mascara on (which I always wear) and saw a gap  geez it looks like they're migrating again.. Has anyone else had several losses? I know it's not a 3rd world problem but it would be interesting to know. Because I have bare beady eyes without makeup I use a Kohl pencil on my waterline top and bottom with a smudgy line on my eyelid nearest the missing lashes. Gets me by  


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    I have heard of two sheddings happening so it's possible it may happen again, I guess.  I've been very sparing with the mascara since mine grew back as I don't want to be too harsh with them.  I tend to rely more on eyeliner as I did during chemo.
  • kezmusckezmusc Member Posts: 1,348
    Hi @Blondy,

    Yes, mine went twice after chemo then they came back to normal thank fully.
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    Mine shred 3 times. Now 18 months later I have extensions & they seem to be staying put.
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    I lost mine 3 times too but nearly 18 months post chemo they are back to full length and thickness...........hang in there ! x
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    I just noticed this morning that abit of eyebrow has gone sparse again!!
  • BlondyBlondy Ruse Member Posts: 194
    Good to know that it is normal as such.Thank you all for your replies. 
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