Should I Crop or Not?

Kellee Member Posts: 73
I’m due for my first Chemo Oncologist appointment next Monday. It’s the appointment where we discuss wether Chemo therapy will be beneficial for me. Being Triple Negative I’ll be surprised if I don’t need it. 
Hair loss is constantly on my mind and I’ve decided against the Cold Cap. What I want to ask is did any of you wonderful woman crop your hair before chemo, during chemo or did you let it all ‘just happen’? Thank you in advance xx


  • Brenda5
    Brenda5 Member Posts: 2,423
    I had long hair and got it cut very short so I could get used to the feel. One day a fortnight in to chemo I went for a beach walk in the wind and when I got back half my hair was gone.
  • Vangirl
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    I got mine shaved to a number four beforehand then shaved it closer once it started to fall out. I did AC chemotherapy first and it dropped very quickly around day 13. I would do the same again as I have fine hair and couldn't have got away with trying to hide bald spots by combing over so I had nothing to gain by trying to hold off the inevitable.

    I also practiced wearing scarves and bandannas out and about before my hair fell out so I could be a bit more comfortable with it.

    Best wishes xxx

  • JennyD78
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    I shaved mine down to a 4 and was very glad I did because it made the clean up when it all fell out all that much easier!  Even though I was totally ok with the idea of losing my hair (I've wanted to shave my head since I was about 14 but never had the guts), it was still a bit full on seeing it all in the bath tub.  If it had been longer I think it would have been harder again.  You do you though :)
  • primek
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    I had mine closed clipped once it started to fall day 17. It was coming out in vlumos and matting. It was better off than dealing with the stress of losing it. 
  • Afraser
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    Strongly recommend the no 4 clippers! I didn't fancy shaving my head but a close cut meant hairs were small when it all went. I don't know anyone who enjoyed letting it happen - I wasn't too fussed about losing it (ie not happy but not desolate) but losing large clumps at inopportune times must be quite offputting. I wanted to work through chemo if possible (and did) so wanted some control over what was happening. I chose to wear a wig, and did from the time I got my hair cut really short. I wore a sleep cap at night and emptied it out over the sink in the morning!! Best wishes.
  • kmakm
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    I tried the cold cap but it didn't work well enough to persist. It was all coming out so I went to a barber and they took it down to a zero. The little stubbly bits fell out over the next few days. I had some stubble that clinged on where the cold cap had worked.

    It was a relief to get rid of it. Much less distressing. K xox
  • Sarnicad
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    I’m using the cold cap and have lost a lot but still have a lot and would say cut it shorter. As mine has come out the longer bits were very confronting, the shorter bits you don’t notice as much.