What are you doing for your mental health?



  • LIttleBlueWren
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    Thanks everyone.
    My partner keeps telling me that he doesn't care if I have a scar, he keeps telling me that my job is to survive this, nothing else matters. He is very supportive, makes me laugh and encourages me to keep going with treatment.
    I always planned to have immediate reconstruction and those plans have changed so I am now having mastectomy, radiation, hormone therapy and in twelve months time I will have TRAM reconstruction. The 12 months ahead are terrifying.
    Thanks for your support, love this forum.  :smile:
  • kmakm
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    Take heart @LIttleBlueWren. The anticipation is the terrifying bit. The reality is normally an uncomfortable to unpleasant slog. It becomes routine very quickly, and human nature dictates that we find humour and upsides, no matter the ordeal. You'll never feel more loved and cared for, it will deepen your closest relationships, and you will come to understand yourself in a truer way than ever before. If you feel it's getting on top of you, don't hesitate to get counselling or pharmaceutical help. I did/do and it makes things better. Don't ever suffer in silence, there is almost always something that can help. We'll be with you all the way, we've got yoi. K xox
  • Blondy
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    @Zoffiel. Know where you're coming from. Better days ahead. XX