Why are people so mean?

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I'm trying really hard to structure my new normal. I'm putting myself first a little more, I'm saying yes to lots of things I wouldn't have done before, I'm trying to give back, and I'm doing nice things for myself because life's too short not to, right? One of these things is to buy myself fresh flowers every week. Nothing too expensive mind, no more than $12. I've denied myself this pleasure for all 19 years of my married life because you know, frivolous expense. But I drink way less alcohol and coffee now, which saves a bit of money, so I don't feel as guilty. 

So today I was at the chemist in my local shopping strip, filling three prescriptions (that'll be $63 thanks...) and there was a 10 - 15 minute wait. I'll go and get my flowers I decided.

I went down to one of the two greengrocers because they sell flowers that aren't too pricey. I settled on a bunch of very pretty pale pink orchids. There was no price label so I asked the owner. $7. Ooh, maybe I can get two, so I said pleasantly, would you do two for $10? I can do two for $14 he says. I smiled, thought, oh well, one it is, put the other one back and joined the queue to pay.

Then I notice the florist down the street was still open and decide to head down there to see what they've got. Well they had nothing decent so back up to the greengrocer to get the orchids.

I arrive to see him putting the bucket they're in out the back. There's no one else in the shop.

"Sorry they're gone. You can't have them" he says.

Me, smiling, "They're just out the back, surely you can just get me one"

"The pink ones are gone. You can't have them"

Still smiling and attempting jovial, "No they're not. I just saw you take them out the back"

"They're all sold. Someone has just bought them all"

"No they haven't. They're out the back. Why won't you give them to me?"

"You can't have them"

It went on like this a bit longer until I said, getting upset, "Why? Why are you doing this?"

"You can't have them"

Getting really upset now, "Why are you being so mean?"

"You can't have them. You'll have to go somewhere else"

"Why are you being like this? Do you know why I want them?? Why are you doing this to me?"

And then I started to cry. I'd had a really nice day for a change and this ARSEHOLE was being VILE. He was so obdurate and unpleasant. I felt so hurt. I said something about not understanding why he was being so horrible, and then finally he went out the back to get the flowers.

And while he was gone I got really angry. Why was I letting this prick treat me like this? And I was going to reward him with my business?? Like fuck I was. So when he came back, through my hurt and furious tears, I said, "You know what? Forget about it. I've got cancer (yes I went there, slight blurring of the time line but fuck him) and I just wanted some flowers to cheer me up. I've shopped here for 18 years and I will never shop here again. You're an absolute bastard." And I ran out into the street, sobbing, and stood a little way up the road with my face in my hands.

And then I stomped up the road to the IGA and bought a beautiful bunch of little pink tulips for $8.99, got my pills and went home, shaken and miserable.

Any halfway decent mood I have is so fragile these days, the slightest thing can shatter it, and ever since this incident I've been so sad. Why do I even try? Why are people so mean?



  • Barney74
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    Well done you go Girl
    He doesnt need your business 
    Tulips are beautiful 
  • BarbieAnne
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    Nobody deserves to be treated like that. Don't go back.
  • InkPetal
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    To h* with that guy. What an ass. Blur those timelines lovely, you've had to deal with the whole smelly cow, you might as well milk it.
  • Sister
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    What a jerk!  Definitely not the way to treat customers.  The tulips look lovely, @kmakm and every time you look at them you can remember that you're one of the good people.  

    It's such a shock to realise that things you would have muttered about but taken in your stride before can now reduce you to a wreck.
  • Kiwi Angel
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    Gorgeous flowers - I’m like u, love fresh flowers in the house. He was a complete asshole but try and remember for every asshole there are probably 2 lovely people. Unfortunately, it’s the assholes we tend to remember and when we r so fragile the ones that affect us more. xoxooxox
  • Sister
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    There is a pharmacy in the town where my GP is.  When my daughter was little and just starting to go without nappies, she suddenly needed to go while we were in the pharmacy waiting for a script to be filled.  The (staff) toilet is off the main part of the shop but the woman refused to let her use it even though I said that I would clean up any mess if needed.  So I had to grab her, put her in her car seat and drive up to the local park, then run with her to the public toilet block.  We made it - just!  I won't say that I've never been back to that pharmacy (as sometimes I have no choice unless I want to drive down to the suburbs) but let's just say it's been about 6 times in the last 11 years and I can tell you, that's a lot of money they've missed out on.
  • Sister
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    Never mess with angry women - we have a habit of talking about it.
  • tigerbeth
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    Oh Kate I'm sorry that happened , there are a lot of pricks around full of their own self importance ! Hope this brought him down a peg or two ! 
    @kmakm I've got time for a coffee  today  if you'd like ?? 
    Tulips are gorgeous like you xx
  • LMK74
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    @kmakm, he must have a small d..k and is taking it out on everyone.
  • Kiwi Angel
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    Very good @Giovanna_BCNA :p
  • arpie
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    Bummer, Kate - yep, there ARE plenty arseholes out there - shame you had to run into this one

    What a LOVELY flower arrangement tho ... I can't make ANYTHING look THAT GOOD!!    That is gorgeous!!

    Yep - no need to go back to THAT place again ....  and tell all your friends as well! 

    Hoping you have a lovely weekend xxxx