Ongoing oestrogen supression



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    What the eyes don't see, or the ears don't hear...the heart doesn't grieve over. Slurrp,,,
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    I started on Tamoxifen which gave me a large blood clot in my leg which is still here 18months later. 
    Now 42, I give myself Zoladex injections each month to put me into menopause and I take exemestane. (I already have to inject blood thinners into my now jelly- belly twice a day so one more injection a month really doesn't phase me anymore)
    I was very fit when diagnosed with BC but now feel quite weak, have hot flushes and wake up several times a night. Haven't been able to enjoy a lie-in whilst taking the drug, I just wake up before I need to.
    However - I could try one of the other AIs...which I may do. Although scared to change (better the devil you know!?)  
    Seem to get injured easily and am constantly fatigued...but there is a global pandemic so unsure what percentage is side effect and how much is stress?!
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    Hi ,  I had  surgery, 16 rounds of chemo and 30 days of radiation,I am having zoladex injections monthly with the aromasin.. I am in my 40’s …. I have been having zoladex since my chemotherapy started and have continued the injection alongside the aromasin. I was pre menopause and decided against tamoxifen,I made up my mind the AI was the right drug for me.. OMG I had unbearable side effects on Anastrozole so I have gone onto Aromasin, I am absolutely struggling on these as well .. my wrists/ fingers/elbows/feet/hips are very stiff and painful…I have decide to persevere with these, much to my Oncologist’s frustration as she wants me to have tamoxifen. Honestly give it a try as it’s different for everyone. I am thinking maybe having my ovaries out so I can skip at least one step . I do hope you find the right treatment for you.. fingers crossed your side effect are non existent or minimal…( I have been on the AI for six months )
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    Hormone therapy | Breast Cancer Network Australia (


    Have you read the above booklet

    I was on Zoladex injections and Tamoxifen and then moved to Femara (Letrozole), Aromasin and now back on Tamoxifen

    Tamoxifen suits me fine now as my ovaries have shrunk and the side effects are minimal compared to Femara and Aromasin.  

    Having said that, we are all different in how our bodies react to medications

    Best wishes
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    @LBUSH @SomethingPositive ... we are so sorry to see you ‘join the club’ that no one wants to join, but well done on finding us xx

    Sadly, pretty well all the AI tablets have ‘some’ side effects, but trial and error should get you onto the one with the least side effects.

    Don’t be afraid of trying Tamoxifen .... it may well be the best choice for you .... it has been used for many decades and is pretty well the original hormone treatment tablet!   I’ve had 3 different AI tablets so far ... Letrozole for a matter of weeks, then Exemestane for a matter of months and then I’ve been on Arimidex for over 2 years.  It has been the best one for me.  Matter of fact, the only one I HAVEN’T tried, is Tamoxifen!

    All the best to you both with your ongoing treatment xx