Your day in three songs.

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Hi beautiful people.  I am a huge music fan and have found it so very important in helping to get through the last year.   I have used it as a distraction to send me somewhere else when I have had to do something not so nice or when I was scared.  I've used it to help the tears flow or not to.  I use it to change my moods. 

My day is a good one so here's my playlist for today.

Your Song        Elton John                 (for no particular reason than it was playing in my head when I woke up)

Get Rhythm      Johnny Cash

Three little birds   Bob Marley

I would love to hear yours.



  • arpie
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    Great topic  @kezmusc !!

    I'm back loving my music since kick starting my uke group in 2011 ..... I hear music (get it??) in every phrase & everyday sayings - and if someone says 2 words together that are in a song - I am likely to sing it!  LOL

    I've just done an arrangement for the uke group for Midnight in Moscow - and just now, I am humming, singing, strumming and 'picking' it - even at 2am in the morning!!  grrrrr  Kenny Ball is more famous for his version tho!

    Iz's  ... Somewhere/Wonderful World - the youtube video of Iz's 'homecoming funeral/ashes' has me in tears every time I watch it.

    Let's Twist Again ...... just such a bouncy song - we play it all the time at our gigs & when we perform at Uke Festivals!  People get up & dance in the aisles!!  SO much fun!!
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    Well my day’s been a good one so I’d pick my favourites :

    Joan Baez singing a Dylan song “Forever Young “
    Gladys Knight and the Pips “ The Need to Be ”
    and Eva Cassidy singing Sting’s song “ Fields of Gold”

  • Romla
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    If you haven’t heard Eva Cassidy - enjoy!
  • Romla
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    Now if I had been a less mellow day it would have been Janis Joplin , The Band and Joe Cocker “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”
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    Great idea.

    Good days: " I love to see you dancing in your baggy pants", June Tabor; Duo Seraphim, Vespers, Monteverdi; Gloria, Patti Smith.

    Reflective days: Canto for Benjamin Britten, Arvo Part; " I Fall To Pieces", Patsy Cline; Mahler's Resurrection Symphony. 
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    Thanks for June Tabor @ Afraser - I forgot my folk roots -you might like another favourite of mine Paddy Reilly 
  • kezmusc
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    So today's song is going to be "I'm Still Standing"  because it is now stuck in my head thank you @RachelG. LOL  And I love love love Elton.

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    I do too @kezmusc, I was brought up listening to him as another one of my Dads Favs!! Xx
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    One call away (Charlie Puth) 
    Fight Song (Rachael Platten)
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     A song from my past, that works today. I've been rained inside after slithering around in the mud, redneck rehabbing my little heart out. Rain! How good is that? A couple of tons of wood to deal with; I've decided to move an old pile to make way for a new one which has changed the days plans. Humming away, feeling pretty good. I'm going for broke and intending to spend most of the day testing my endurance. Did I mention it's raining? Yay!

  • kezmusc
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    Awesome @Zoffiel,

    I didn't  even know we could share videos!  Shows how techie I am.  Unfortunately only getting spits and spats of rain here.  The place is like a dust bowl! Love the Redneck Rehab. :smiley: