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Non Cancer Lumps Found



  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,943
    Good luck, @Pahill
  • PahillPahill Member Posts: 40
    Hi everyone I hope you are all having a good day. I am sorry again to ask what may seem like a silly question after my results were ok from recent Core Needle Biopsy. If any of you are free could you send me a message so that I can ask for your help. Hope that is ok. I seem more stressed today than I was before this begun. Or I can chat here if its easier just don't want to be a burden on any of you as you are all going through alot more than me at this time. Thank you for listening. Cheers 
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,791
    The BCNA phoneline would probably help you as they are nurses.


  • Rosie_BCNARosie_BCNA Member Posts: 217
    Hi @Pahill, Im going to send you a private mesage now. Rosie 
  • PahillPahill Member Posts: 40
    Morning everyone hope you are all feeling ok today. I am off to see a spealicst today about preventative Mastectomy hopefully he will be able to steer me in the right direction. Although I have not been diagnosed with breast cancer I and with my husband support believe that this would be a good thing to look at doing. Due to the high family history. I  understand that family history does not mean that I will get cancer but a risk is a risk to me...Anyway have great day and take care of yourself.
  • Rosie_BCNARosie_BCNA Member Posts: 217
    Good luck with your appointment today @Pahill. Hope all goes well and you come away with a clear plan in place. 
  • PahillPahill Member Posts: 40
    Thank you Rosie. My appointment went well the surgeon was great to talk to. He is referringme to gentic Testing people that could take a few months to get to see them. I discussed preventative Mastectomy he would be happy to do it if I choose to go down that path.. i am steering towards that after todays talk bit will wait to see what the gentic people say first..hope you are feeling ok today with your journey. Cheers
  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 3,230

    Before you go down the preventative mastectomy road, I genuinely feel that requesting those lumps are surgically removed is wise.

    I had a lump on my boob that was mammogrammed,  ultrasounded, core and needle biopsied and dismissed. I had spent a couple of months on this process before I finally cracked it and demanded the lump was taken out. I was treated rather shabbily and told I was overacting, until the lump that wasn't a problem was a 5.5cm lobular tumour. Sometimes I would rather be wrong.

    Fast forward 10 years and I had to go through a similar process with a lump in my armpit. You'd think--given my history--that the bells that were ringing in my head would be audible to someone else, but no. That time it took nearly two years, probably 5 ultrasounds and as many needle biopsies before someone--my new GP--hit the panic button. By that time I had skin presentation of the same cancer. Lobular BC is a sneaky disease which does not present like  DCIS. Once again, I'd have preferred to have been wrong.

    As Margie has said, other peoples experiences should not drive yours, but if you are not comfortable, get that chunk of whatever removed. Marg xx

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