So stressed Triple neg 5cm need positive stories

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So stressed out. Just diagnosed with nearly 5cm triple neg idc at 33yo, no children yet, with very likely node involvement (not enough cells for conclusive but looks very likely in an enlarged node underarm)  but all other scans and tests show no other cancer. I need to hear from others with same type and relative size and years beyond to have a positive outlook. Can't sleep, can't eat after seeing surgeon today - mastectomy surgery within next 2 weeks and auxiliary clearance then chemo and radiation. I am just so stressed about weather I bother saving my eggs as I read the outlook isn't that good for large triple neg but all I've ever wanted is children but no point if I won't be around.  please I need to hear from others who have positive stories even ones with reoccurrence of large triple neg idc. Thank you.


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    I can't help you with your concerns as I do not have your type of cancer nor am I your age, but I am hearing your desperation. There will be others who come here with their stories to help you, soon. In the mean time, search through the topics on this page, you might find someone else who has asked questions that answer your concerns and can give you some help. Someone told me to take some deep breaths, it helped. And to take each step at a time, it is too stressful to rush ahead all at once, perhaps you can find some comfort there too?
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    Breathe- the worst part is now. With no plan laid out it feels like cancer has control. 
    Im also 33 and had a 5cm tumor and no kids. I do know of a couple girls around our age whove been through triple neg that are fine. Stay away from dr google and social media articles that relate to cancer. 
    Welcome hun, but feel free to shoot me a message if you want to chat with someone else xx
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    Hello Tripple,  even though we all have different types of cancer, the one thing all the ladies on this site share is the feeling of shock and helplessness in finding out we have cancer. 
    You will find so many positive stories on this site.
    I don't have much to add to what had already been but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.
    We are all here for you. Sending a hug, Jane xx

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    Hi @Tripple QLD here is a link to all the post on the online network in regards to "Triple negative". You may like to take a read through the conversations. Our website also has a section on triple negative- click here. The members of the online network are wonderful and are here to answer any of your questions.
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    Hi, I was triple neg, 1.8 cm. 1 year on and I'm all clear. Lumpectomy, chemo then bilateral mastectomy (my choice, preventative as also BRCA2 pos).

    As the others have said, don't buy into all the hype you read online about triple neg. My doctors weren't concerned about it being triple neg at all and now I've been given the all clear. If you are concerned about your fertility, speak to your oncol about the effects of chemo on your eggs. That was one of the first things my oncol raised with me.

    Breathe. It's a lot to take in at the beginning and filtering through all the info. Feel free to ask any questions though.

    Best of luck


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    I don't have your diagnosis, but I just wanted to say hi and agree with above posts, both on children and the negative reporting on tnbc.  You don't have to decide right now if you will have children but give yourself the opportunity to be able to if you do decide this in the future. We don't know what our futures holds, breast cancer or not, but having choices is always a good thing. Take care. Kath x
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    Hi there tripple qld. I got diagnosed with triple neg may last year. 3 cm tumor no lymph node involvement and scans all clear had a mastectomy and chemo by choice as didn't want lumpectomy rad and chemo. Had 8 rounds of chemo 4 AC and 4 paclitaxol. Had other boob off in nov as a preventative again my choice. Not interested in having reconstruction as I don't want more surgery but that's my choice. Prognosis is good for me too my oncologist said triple neg responds really well to chemo so rest assured yoI'll be good too. I'm 44 and have  older kids but don't think you can't have a family. Lots of women do it with a breast cancer diagnosis. Had the genetic test too as I'm under 50 with no family history. I'm Negative for that. The other good thing about triple neg is no tamoxifen etc after to take as it's not hormone receptive. Stay positive take care of yourself make sure you eat well and stay hydrated you don't want any delays with surgery or treatment because your crook. I agree with the other girls don't google it!! Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to chat. This forum gives you lots of advice and support too. Margie 
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    So happy you can see a future. Hope and a fighting spirit will carry you through. Gather those you love close to you and accept all offers of help. You will draw strength from others and they from you. Looking forward to hearing your story evolve. Kath x