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Morning - we are all reminded every now and again how many are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. 

This week I have come to learn that two ladies from one of my community groups have recently been diagnosed.  One is newly diagnosed and has had surgery on Thursday, awaiting pathology results and the other is a recurrence!  Recurrence, doesn't that send shivers through all of us!  Also a family friend, was originally diagnosed with secondary has discovered it has spread, her resolve is great and her team are giving her the best possible treatment!

In the Bendigo Addy newspaper there is a chap fund raising as his sister was diagnosed, aim to raise money for another Breast care nurse in their community!

On a better note my dear friend who was diagnosed at the same time as me has been given the all clear! 

It is a rough ride for us all but there is light at the end of the tunnel and the list keeps growing of those affected. 
Take care
Christine xx


  • Michelle_R
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    You are right, Christine - we just learn to cope.  Right through this experience we draw on courage, hope, strength, to a degree we never thought we had.  But we do it.  The support of our fellow pink sisters is a godsend throughout.  I hope your friends do as well as possible.  Best wishes for a happy Christmas
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    I have also had a work colleague leave this week for surgery and treatment and it certainly serves to remind how very far I've come along since my own diagnosis. It also reminds what a very scary, vulnerable place my colleague is in at the moment and how incredibly important this website and the support it provides is. So big hugs to all of you, no matter where we are on our journey it's always nice to know someone has your back <3
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    Yes...Im supporting a fellow work collegue and she is providing support for me. I'm a few montbs ahead so I give her hope that life gets better after chemo. we both fear recurrence and mets and try to believe itcwill never happen, but no promises is there . ..unpredictable. The mental journey to feel positive is harder than the physical one I think.
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    So true, Christine! It is a daily struggle to believe that we can be positive about our future, like we were before bc. I found it really difficult to plan too far ahead at first. That is a bit easier now 3 1/2 years down the track. Naturally we are so much more aware that there are no guarantees. I have lost friends to cancer since my diagnosis and have a couple with a Stage 4 diagnosis. I try to keep in mind that life is precious and so is good health. I find it helps me to keep a diary of things I am grateful for. I try to remind myself that today I am cancer free. Today I am well so I should make the most of that.  :)
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    Christine, thanks for sharing! After my first diagnosis in 2011, I urged some work colleagues to have mammos!!! thankfully they did as both had Breast Cancer. I think the alarming thing is that it is rampant in the community, and even more alarming so many women out there have it and don't know. I always urge all women to be checked, its just devastating! I never ever thought I would have a recurrence, I left it well behind and 4yrs on, you really believe youve kicked it and its gone. I refuse however after having it twice to give in to the thought again, and choose to believe it is gone and live day to day with a renewed outlook that all I have is right now, nothing more nothing less.
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    Mel - the thought of recurrence sends shivers through me and I have been reading your posts and can feel the shivers and other emotions at the unexpected recurrence!  It is a so and so!   Wishing you well with your next phase of surgery and with your determination and preparation, once your find those briefs or are they stockings?

    Sending you a virtual hug
    Christine xx
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    Christine, I think now Im just numb from the whole ordeal and feel so incredibly blessed that its over and knowing the surgery will put me further down that road. Ohh well Id imagine theyd be briefs but when I google stockings come up huh??ohhh Im confused. I'll have to post and see who knows about these LOL. Thanks for the wishes, I look like the ice Queen go like a powerhouse at work LOL, but Im honestly sad and petrified all at once of whats coming. Melinda xo