Recycle breast prosthesis and bras - (CLOSED no longer collecting)



  • mum2jj
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    Great to see this great service still up and running. I will advertise in our Choosing breast reconstruction group as well. 
    Paula :)
  • mum2jj
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    Thank you so much to all you and Lily have done with this amazing project. I smile when I think of my prosthesis over in Fiji helping some lady. It’s been huge ladies and again Thanks 
    Paula xx
  • Kristen
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    PLEASE NOTe -- this project is CLOSED. We are no longer collecting. We had calls today  from people wanting to send stuff who said they saw it on BCNA. The PO box has been shut down.
    I wish i could edit the thread title to say closed or delete it.
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    I will tag @Mez_BCNA who may be able to help with editing or deleting the post. 
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    @Kristen and @mum2jj - I have updated the title and closed the discussion
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