Recycle breast prosthesis and bras - (CLOSED no longer collecting)

Kristen Member Posts: 118

Do you have a spare breast prosthesis you could donate to
help a woman in Fiji ?

Breast forms, preloved. Full or partial silicone prosthesis.
Soft forms also. Any size or shape needed.

Bras -Every kind of bra. Mastectomy or not. Any shape or
size. Clean, preloved or new.

Bra extenders are also much appreciated.


The Fijian Women’s Breast Cancer Project is an ongoing
collection of lightly worn breast prosthesis and bras from generous Australians.

Items are personally given and fitted at no cost to women
that have been selected by Fijian Breast Care nurses.

Not for profit. No money exchanges hands.

Done with approval from Fijian Health Department &
Fijian Cancer Society.

No close date for donations.   2014,15,16 trips in the past & trips
booked for 2017

Post to Lily DeSantis at Lily Bliss to You or a local collector


Lily Bliss
To You PO BOX 2072 

 Storage King Albion Park

Cossies R Us


Neighbourhood Centre

Breast Care
Nurse Wollongong Hospital


Breast Cancer Support Group


& Sutherland  Breast Cancer Support Groups St George &
Sutherland Hospital

/Barden Ridge

Instyle Hairdesigners DAPTO


Barossa Area
Fundraisers for Cancer Inc.          
Tash GREENOCK 5360


Cancer Network Australia Community Liason          
Mandy  Trevallyn 
TAS   7250


You Really
Are Beautiful 
Warners Bay


for Breakfast Lingerie 
Chevron Island

Leanne P-
4165 Redlands 
& surrounding Qld





  • mum2jj
    mum2jj Member Posts: 4,331
    Great cause, I sent all my old bra's and prosthesis after my reconstruction.  The ladies are so thankful.
    Paula :)
  • Ne
    Ne Member Posts: 336
    Thank you. I just wondered what i was going to do with all my bras.  Definitely going to post them x
  • ScorpionQueen
    ScorpionQueen Member Posts: 768
    Oooh! I too was wondering what to do with mine....I never wore it so it's brand new! Will definately be passing it onto this wonderful cause!
  • Kristen
    Kristen Member Posts: 118

    Just posting to say we are still collecting and sending bras and prosthesis to Fiji Cancer Society.

    Check facebook Lily Bliss To You for more info.

  • SoldierCrab
    SoldierCrab Member Posts: 3,446
    https// here is the link 
    great cause and what a wonderful way to recycle and reuse our items.
  • Marianne_BCNA
    Marianne_BCNA Member Posts: 245
    HI all, this sounds like a great initiative. BCNA will look into ways to promote this great service too.
  • cranky_granny
    cranky_granny Member Posts: 765
    Hi this is a fantastic idea. I tried so many bras to get comfortable I have 3 post surgery bras all different sizes. Plus some others that might be useful so they will be heading out in the express post 
    just an idea @Marianne_BCNA how hard would it be to have a drop off point at the various activities. 
  • SoldierCrab
    SoldierCrab Member Posts: 3,446
    Now @cranky_granny
     that sounds like an awesome idea to have collection point at activities etc. 

  • Marianne_BCNA
    Marianne_BCNA Member Posts: 245
    @cranky_granny and @SoldierCrab, I'll ask about this in my discussions. Stay tuned :)
  • TonyaM
    TonyaM Member Posts: 2,836
    More drop off places in Sydney would be good.Also wondering if there is a need for this amongst disadvantaged women in our own country?
  • June1952
    June1952 Member Posts: 1,866
    Hi @TonyaM
    I agree, whilst prosthesis are subsidized sometimes women need one before the due date because of weight gain or loss so there could be ladies needing assistance.
    The cost of ''good'' bras could also be an issue for some ladies and not all are comfortable in the tank top style.
    How could these ladies be supported and provided with some of the cast-offs ?
    Summer   :)
  • Kristen
    Kristen Member Posts: 118

    We are always  looking for more pop up event Fiji Bra collection opportunities such as Sutherland Shire Breast Cancer Support group did at their Mini Field of Women in October at a Fete. ( Its on their facebook page)

    We also would love more drop off locations in Sydney - we  just need  to spread the word to find more  kind hearted people with a public space- such as we have someone who works in  the chemist in Nowra or people with a covered front porch where drops off can happen like in Barden Ridge. And they need a little storage space to hold items until they can be transported to Fairy Meadow. We are just a small bunch of ladies- no big network.But the further afield we can collect the easier it is for people to donate.

    Check out our first Hospital comfort care pack Packing day we had on Monday.

    Regarding women in Australia- project Uplift  might do that. Mostly overseas I think.They do also collect mastectomy products. They only have one or two specific collection points which are  on their website.

    Support The Girls is a very reputable Australian charity, I know the director well as we have crossed paths due to our common interest. They  collect good quality bras  for disadvantaged Australian women. I am not sure how often they need mastectomy bras or if they keep stock of that type of donations.


    Project Fiji volunteer

  • Kristen
    Kristen Member Posts: 118

    Do you have a breast prosthesis to spare or some bras you could post to us?
    Could you share this post to help spread the word?

    The Fijian Women’s Breast Cancer Project is an ongoing collection of bras and preloved breast prosthesis donated from generous Australians to help women in Fiji.

    The Bras are used as a free gift to encourage women to attend cancer awareness education events and the women are VERY grateful.

    We work in conjunction with the Fiji Cancer Society to transport and distribute items for free for awareness and Breast prosthesis and bras are fitted for free to women that have undergone a mastectomy.

    Post to :-

    Project Fiji
    PO BOX 2072 

  • Noodle
    Noodle Member Posts: 4
    How great this cause is, and to help someone on with this journey as well. I will be sending mine soon, also my post mastectomy bras. 
  • Kristen
    Kristen Member Posts: 118

    We would love some more breast prosthesis to recycle/reuse.

    Can you spread the word please?

    Teresa has been asked if she could take some spare breast prosthesis to the Reach for Recovery conference to give to the delegates from Zimbabwe & Kenya .

    Teresa's  abstract about FWBCP has been officially accepted for the 19th Reach to Recovery International Breast Cancer Support Conference to be held in Prague, Czech Republic, 12 – 15 June, 2019, 

    Teresa went to Fiji in 2017 with Lily, is a strong supporter of FWBCP and  has attended R2R  in the past 
    (Brisbane ,Australia 2009, Tapei Tawain 2011,Cape Town South Africa 2013, Beijing China 2015 )and now Prague 2019.

    Teresa took her BCNA lady on her travels.- great photo of her with it on The Great Wall in China :smiley:

    Teresa is travelling to Prague with her daughter and two friends as part of a holiday, and they all have offered  some suitcase space.

    Any prosthesis  they can't fit will be sent to Fiji.

    You can go to our Facebook page to share this news .

    "I am a breast cancer survivor since 2008. I am now a
    volunteer with Reach For Recovery Zimbabwe an arm under The Cancer Association
    of Zimbabwe. Breast foams and prosthetic are not easily available here for
    the low income earners . I will be attending the Prague conference and would
    appreciate if I will be able to bring a few donated ones for our breast cancer
    patients. The Cancer Association of Zimbabwe will be responsible for the
    administration and distribution . Thanking you in advance on behalf of our
    organization. Faresi"

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