ABC Catalyst: Exercise and Cancer



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    Not quite in the Eastern Suburbs - but at least this side of the city - DNA Health group in Cheltenham has an exercise physiologist who has a particular interest in supporting people who have / have had cancer. They have been running a specific program for people who have had cancer for a few years I think. Whilst I personally don't have/haven't had breast cancer - the people I am close to who have, live interstate - I have seen Kate Williams for exercise physiology over a number of years. She might be a good starting point. She may also know someone slightly closer. She is just a really intelligent lovely compassionate professional who seems to be quite passionate about this specific area and is really good at what she does - I believe she has been following the WA group at Edith Cowan who were profiled on Catalyst for some time. The good thing about seeing an exercise physiologist is that my appt is booked in - I am much more likely to go :-)  

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    @Shellbelle_75....if you do chemo you should consider this. 20-30 mins of moderate-vigorous exercise right before chemo has been proven to increase chemo benefits.. xx
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    @JJ70 interesting! I think I am probably headed that path at the moment while it scares the absolute
    S—- out of me......

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    I know hun...I know @Shellbelle_75.
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    Just watched it @JJ70 very interesting and positive!
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    Hi @annebirdy, I am in the inner west of Sydney too and my GP put me on a plan of 5 visits with an excercise physiologist on Parramatta Road at Petersham called Physiogym & then you can continue going after if it suits. 
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