oestrogen and DCIS



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    Thank you so much Keeping positive 1, Arpie, Carissa, for your support

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    @Della you are most welcome, and we are here for you.  Take care :smile:
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    Hi All.
    I just have my surgery this wed, a bit relieve and much worry because..
    I have a read again my MRI and Biopsy result, actually my cancer is invasive ductal carcinoma, provisional BRE grade 3 with high nuclear grade DCIS with oestrogen 3+ and progesterone 3+
    I feel worry since invasive ductal carcinoma is worse ...
    Anyone has this type of breast cancer before..
    What kind of food we have to avoid since this cancer survive with hormone oestrogen and progesterone?

    Many thanks,

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    I didn’t have your type of breast cancer but generally the advice about food is simply the same as for any healthy diet. If you have any medications which are incompatible with certain foods, your medical team will make sure you know. 

    General principles are:

    * limit or cut out alcohol and nicotine
    * limit or cut out processed meat
    * limit sugar
    * increase fresh vegetables and eat a wide range of them
    * have one of more serves of oily fish a week
    * fresh fruit is better than fruit juice - more fibre and possibly less sugar unless freshly squeezed
    * eat as varied a diet as possible

    Your medical team can advise further.  Most supplements are only useful if you are really deficient - it’s worth checking your Vitamin D level and I found additional Vitamin B useful (prescribed by my oncologist) to try and minimise some chemo side effects. It’s sensible to check any supplements with your oncologist. Soy products are sometimes seen as oestrogen high but I’d get advice on that, I suspect you’d have to be eating a lot to make any difference. Everyone will advise you not to google for medical advice, I’d tend to say the same for what to eat. 

    Your surgery is a great step
    forward. This disease is of course worrying but concentrate on enjoying and living the life you have rather than worrying about things that are probably not really relevant. Best wishes. 

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    Hi @Della - terrific that you've had your surgery - I hope it has lifted a weight from your shoulders xx

    Yep - Soy products are considered to contain oestrogen .... but wait until you see your Oncologist ... they will be able to guide you & get you to see a dietitian to suggest the best foods for you.  

    Take care, recover well .... don't lift heavy things for a while - I hope you've got good family and friend support behind you, to make it a bit easier for you xx
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    This link gives you a deeper understanding of your specific type of Breast Cancer 

    "Types of breast cancer" https://www.bcna.org.au/understanding-breast-cancer/what-is-breast-cancer/types-of-breast-cancer/

    and another link on diet 

    "Healthy eating | Breast Cancer Network Australia" https://www.bcna.org.au/health-wellbeing/physical-wellbeing/healthy-eating/

    Take care
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    Thank you my friends @Afraser, @iserbrown, @arpie for your support.

    next wed is my appointment review. I have not take a shower, since I am afraid the dressing will get wet and cause infection. Only using wet cloth to clean my body. feel scary to see the dry blood under my armpit due to sentinel lymph node biopsy and dressings around my nipple. I am a mother but i feel like a kid when having this situation.
    I will make a note for the food diet (question for my doctor) and still not sure what questions should I ask ??
    I know, I have to move step by step. After surgery, there are treatments and other and other...
    Thank you again for all your support and information.
    @iserbrown I have just read the type of breast cancer, this is good information. I also have printed out the healthy eating and make sure they are on my groceries shopping this weekend.

    Many thanks,

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    Hi @Della

    Just using the wet cloth will be fine!   

    Check out the pdfs at the bottom of this post to download some 'check sheets' (not the pics of the docs):

    There are some  'questions' that you can fill in ahead of time, to take to your next appt - self assessing .... so your team can see how you are going ...  Just make notes about anything that concerns you, so they can chat to you about it. 

    take care, all the best for your next appts xx
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    Hi @Della I could only wash with a cloth initially, and then I was told only very short showers/try to keep water off the dressings (which were water resistant). Once I felt up to it, I got my hair washed at the hairdressers as I couldn't stand it after about a week of not washing it!

    Hopefully the hospital has made an appointment for you with oncology in a couple of weeks, as well as your surgical follow ups. By the time you see them they will have the full pathology from your surgery. This tells them a lot more than the pre surgery biopsies and MRI. The MRI can't pick up traces of cancer, for example in the lymph nodes or other locations in the breast, that the microscope can.

    Hopefully your recovery is going well. I found that incision for the node biopsy the sorest part - so many nerves there, says my surgeon!
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    Hi @arpie thank you for the link, really help.

    Hi @StrongCoffee thank you for the input
    I am still afraid to take a  shower, will wash with wet cloth until I see my surgery doctor for next appointment,
    for hair, i use bucket to fill the water instead of from shower. Melbourne just easing the lockdown and hairdresser is fully booked. Hairdresser is a good idea, I will go to hairdresser for the next hair wash.
    I hope I wont get another surgical follow ups.

    Hi all,
    usually how long does it take to check under microscope for the sentinel lymph node ? cant sleep thinking about the result of this ...even though i know i should not think about it.

    many thanks

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    I can't remember exactly how long. I had a follow up with the surgeon in their private practise a few days before my follow up appointment at the hospital and he had the results already. I think that was about 2 weeks later. It's so tough as the waiting just keeps going! Do you have an oncology appointment booked in with the Hospital?
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    @Della - with a bit of luck, they'll have your pathology results ready for your next appointment .... mine took a full 2 weeks to 'come back' tho .... Try & keep as busy as you can (relevant to your pain levels & any restriction in movemnt ...). Make sure you are given a copy of the results for your own records - and I Definitely suggest you record this appt on your phone as You MAY want to go over it again later (or not ....) 'Cos it CAN be difficult to 'hear it all' even tho you see their lips moving!!   

    Take a sensible, trusted friend with you as well, as an extra set of ears. My sister-in-law was a wonderful asset at my post op appt!!  She asked more questions than me!  LOL

    Once you've got your 'game plan', I think you will feel much more settled xx

    All the best, take care xx
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    Hi @StrongCoffee, I have not have oncology appointment booked yet, this situation is new, I don't know the process ?
    Can you tell me how usually the process ?
    I have my surgery last Wednesday and this Wed I have appointment review with my surgery doctor, not sure what is next ?
    So, after this, there will be another oncology team instead of my surgery doctor ?
    is the process different between public and private hospital ?

    Hi @arpie thank you for the hint. I will empty my mobile phone for recording.
    I hope my 'game plan' is easy and I am strong to face it.
    Many Thanks
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    @Della Your surgeon should discuss your 'team' with you on Wed (if not, ask him about it!!) - which usually involves an Oncologist and Radiation Oncologist - even if you don't need chemo, the oncologist will be in charge of your ongoing hormone suppression treatment too.  You may (or may not) need radiation - but may still have at least one appt with them, to discuss why (or why not) you may need it  ..... it all depends on your pathology report.   

    You will continue to see your surgeon on a yearly basis for up to 5 years, as well as your Onc and/or Rad Onc (if you have rads.)

    They will all be doing their best for YOU ..... so try not to stress too much about it .... once you have your treatment plan, usually, it is a big weight off your shoulders xx

    take care  and all the best for Wed xx
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    I had Surgeon review and then he sent me to the Medical Oncologist on the same day.
    I also knew my pathology results prior to leaving Hospital so the review was to check on healing and discussing next steps. 
    It's all a little daunting as you come to grips with names of treatment and or medication that were not part of our everyday prior.
    Having someone with you is a good thing!  I can remember my Breast Surgeon, when I first met him and he diagnosed me saying you'll be my patient for the next 10 years.  I missed the next sentence or two as I tried to absorb the 10 years!
    Take care