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Would love to know if others have had this problem. I am 75yrs. old, but since about 50 the only time I have never had flushes was when I was on HRT. Now, off HRT. because of Breast Cancer and taking Tamoxifen
I am having terrible flushing. The Doctor's have tried every medication, I even went to hospital to have a "Stella Ganglia Block" but nothing has worked. My Doctor's now want to put me back on to hormones, which worries me, as my cancer was aggressive and 3/3. Any advice or opinion, would be appreciated.


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    . I’m sorry but I’m on on Femera and it hasn’t been too bad . I checked the list of hormone too off BCNA and yes hot flushes (power surges) listed for all of them. You say your dr has tried you on all of them . Let’s hope someone here may have some advice for you 
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    Oh dear @gobilly that sounds awful. I am on tamoxifen too. I did have hot flushes initially but seems to have settled for me. Now I am gaining weight so have to try new tactics to manage that. My cancer was aggressive too. I don't know about hormones but I would be getting a list of all the questions and reservations you have for discussion with the doctor.  You need to understand all the risks and benefits. You can always ask for a second opinion too. I am sorry this is happening for you. It would be a worry and you need to be sure of your decision going forward. Best wishes 
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    I have a friend your age, never had breast cancer nor tamoxifen but suffers hot flushes daily
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    Have you tried acupuncture ?  I did and it was the only thing which worked to stop my hot dripping flushes.  Worth a go.
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    Hi @gobilly,
    I had terrible hot flushes on Tamoxifen and my doctor put me on a very low dose antidepressant called Endep 10mg and that helped. I had slightly elevated blood pressure too and was prescribed catapres which also helped with the flushes.I carried a hand fan and cold bottle of water wherever I went and slept with a small desk fan blowing on my face all night in summer. I’m much better since I finished Tamoxifen. Best of luck
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     Thank you all for taking the time to reply, I appreciate your caring. I think I will give acupuncture a go, as someone else mentioned that to me.