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Hi everyone, sad day today just found out I have spread to my liver now 😩 as well as already in spin and pelvis, what I’m wanting to know is when your on kisqali and letrozole combo and it stops working so well and spread happens what was the next step for anyone it happened too? Tia enjoy your day 


  • Not_good_63_57Not_good_63_57 Haigslea/Marburg qld Member Posts: 63
    I’m on same medications only been on Kisqali for two weeks but my blood test came back bit low in white cells so another week before goin back on kisqali wonder if this has happened to there 
  • KattykitKattykit Member Posts: 252
    Hi @Glynnis, my onc put me on capecitabine after the ribo/letrozole combination stopped working. 
  • Giovanna_BCNAGiovanna_BCNA Member Posts: 1,839
    Hello @Glynnis
    Sorry to hear the news that your cancer has spread.  Don't hesitate to call our helpline if you would like to speak with one of the cancer nurses for support or information.  Take care of you,
    kind regards
  • GlynnisGlynnis Member Posts: 344
    Thankyou every Have spoken to my oncologist, going to have radiation on liver as it’s only small, stay on same meds routine as it’s keeping everything in check. Blood work was all good so all in all feel much calmer and relaxed I have the way forward 😃😃😃
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