2 years down! cancer free & fancy free!

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Hello! hello!

I know- been a long time since I blogged last and I changed my picture finally haha!

Ive gone blond and has finally embraced the short hair :) I wanting to grow out but I dont wanna go thru the crazy mid length hair so Im keeping in short for the moment :)

My 2 years was on April 14th this year and thank god I was working to keep my mind occupied bc I was a bubbling mess. Prob just reflecting on how I was told at the doctors and so forth. Its gone so fast! (thank god)

I am now looking into doing some volunteer work and helping others (inbetween my current job) and getting the awareness amongst the public to let them know that unfortunatly breast cancer does affect younger people.

I have also applied for a community liason officer role for BCNA as I have come to relise that if I did not make contact with this wonderful site I would not have met the beautiful people I have and received the helpful hints/advice and kits :) So thank you BCNA!

2 years have flown by- still have an emaiotnal breakdown every now and then and get sore body and fatigue but hey life is looking onwards and upwards! I still go to the chemo ward every 2 months to get my port flushed which makes me a little uneasy when looking at the signs and so forth bc I just wanna move on.... but hey its all part of it :)

Also I got my pink ribbon tattoo with the words bravor stronger smarter on my back! such a rebel hahaha my mum nearly flipped but hey too late now haha! but im wanting more tattoos now haha


anyway pink ladies i will sign off but please remember to laugh and smile bc you all fantastic and never alone :) xoxoxox


  • Mich x
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    Hey Jo

    Love your post, love your beautiful face and beautiful smile, love that you are also now cancer free, love that you want to join us Community Liaison girls, I am so happy for you.

    Hope we hear lots more from you.

    Lots of love always, Mich xoxoxo

  • Daina_BCNA
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    Hey Jo!! It's so great to see you back online and look at your hair! It really suits you beautiful lady :-) I look forward to hearing all the updates on how life is for you now that you are.....braver - stronger - smarter. xx

  • Leonie Moore
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    Thank you for wanting to give back to others.  Most young bc survivors have to work and from experience it is difficult to do "add ons".  I applaude you for your attitude.  Well done.  I still have my port in as well - nearly two years now.  I too found it difficult to return to the oncology unit after treatment.  Now I look forward to my "flush" as my son-in-law's beautiful cousin is there each week and I get to see her on my 5-6 weekly visits.  I usually know lots of the patients and love to catch up with them. (always a positive out of a negative) XLeonie

  • joadavis
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    thank you everyone :)

    yes Leonie I am working as well- going to about 30 hours in August (im 25 hours at the moment) and fulltime in march. easing myself in :) i have no idea how im going to squeeze it all in but even its a few hours per month volunteer work- Id love to do it :)

  • Leonie Moore
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    Just remember to take really good care of yourself and not take any bull poo from "little people" XLeonie