One Year Anniversary

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One more thing - I would appreciate happy thoughts and prayers on Friday 29 October.  My one year anniversary is coming up (17 Nov) and I'm due to have all my follow up tests and scans Friday afternoon.  

I'm nervous (to be expected) and quite frankly, losing some sleep at night because of it.  BUT, I remain positive and absolutely know that God never gives us anything we can't handle (sometimes feels like we can't but we find a strength we didn't know we had).  

Still, I'd prefer to hang onto the strength and pass the tests with flying colours.  So far I have reason to be positive - the blood test taken earlier in the week looking at tumour marker readings was normal :)



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    I don't know how to post pics so I changed my profile photo.  I am the "silly one" in the pink tu tu.  XLeonie

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    I will have my fingers crossed for you on Friday. I hope everything goes well. My one year tests are on November 29th and I am starting to get a bit edgy about it too. I haven't even considered that there might be anything wrong,I have a whole new life planned for next year so I will just keep ploughing ahead until someone tells me to stop.

    Stay positive,I'm sure it helps!