What a whirlwind

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Diagnosed last week with Triple Negative, picked up in my routine 2 yearly mammogram and I am heading into hospital on Friday for lump removal and sentinel node biopsy.
The last 2 weeks have been like a whirlwind,  both mentally and physically. 
I am already a cancer survivor, having been through kidney cancer 13 years ago. Lost a kidney but was caught early enough that I didn't need any further treatment. Thought that would be the end of my cancer journey. But unfortunately it wasn't. 
This time I have to have both chemo and radio and frankly I am petrified of what's to come.
How did others get through those first few weeks when your mind feels jumbled and overloaded with info and in my case fear. Any tips appreciated.  Thanks 🙂 


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    Oh Deb. I am so sorry you have joined us. 
    For me, I rested a lot, as I was so tired from  the emotional trauma. A few mates lent me some great novels  so I read every day.  I walked almost every day too. And I had a script for sleeping tablets , which I still need occasionally since diagnosed in April this year. Be kind to yourself.  Xx
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    @deb1962 sorry you’ve joined our group that nobody expects to join. You will find heaps of info on here. It’s easy to say but avoid Dr google, it always gives worst case scenarios. 
    I got into all my favourite hobbies sewing knitting and spending time with the grandkids.  I had a foster child at the time which also kept me very distracted. 
    Meditation and relaxation exercises helped  there are lots of people on here that have heaps of good advice. I spent a lot of my rough nights when the brain wouldn’t shut up making my way through the old posts in Friday Funnies and creative corner. 
    And the search bar can take you to previous discussions on most subject 
    My Journey has links to great podcasts as well
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    @deb1962 - You've had a rough trot of it xx.   Please consider joining the private group for Triple Negative members ..... you can discuss stuff in total privacy - and keep up with the latest on TNBC.

    It is totally normal to feel brain overload & even overwhelmed ..... maybe give our helpline a bell tomorrow & have a chat - 1800 500 258 (Mon-Fri) .... and check out Charlotte Tottman's podcasts, which are really great x. Start at No 13 for the first series, then go to No 1 for the 2nd series 
    https://soundcloud.com/search?q=charlotte tottman

    There are currently trials in the UK & USA on a vaccine that is proving beneficial - but so far, it has not started in Australia.  Maybe, mention this to your Onc & ask if there is any lobbying by them to have it brought to Australia? (See link below)

    Definitely stay away from Dr Google (difficult tho it is) as everyone's case is individual & unique and often info is outdated or not relevant to your diagnosis ....

    Take care & all the best xx

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    As you probably already know, treatment for cancer can lead you, almost gently, through one thing you had never imagined before after another. Take things day by day, don’t fret (or try hard not to) about things that actually haven’t happened yet. Chemo is a big bogey and it can be very challenging but not always. I had no nausea or fatigue, worked happily through treatment. The hair thing is a nuisance but I found a synthetic wig easy, convincing and very useful (never imagined doing that either!). 

    As everyone else says, stay away from Dr Google. It will almost always lead you down (rarely lift you up!) a wrong road. Best wishes. 
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    Hi Deb. I am also a Deb and was diagnosed with TNBC on 1st Sept after finding a lump whilst showering. The first few weeks are incredibly overwhelming. There is so much information and so much that is unknown. Things settle down and you find you get into a routine. I use smiling minds at night when my brain won’t switch off and I find talking books are great to take my mind to another place. 

    Things won’t remain as crazy as the first few weeks. Remember to breathe!