chemo question please?



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    All the best with your ongoing tests @Maree72. xx. I hope the dermatitis clears soon - check with your Drs, as I think it would need to be under control before your surgery xx. Chat with our helpline 1800 500 258 (Mon-Fri) if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed xx

    @Tarma .... clicking on 'external links' here (like the genome testing one above) will always go to an 'intermediate page' first, warning you that you are 'leaving the site' ....

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    Hey girl @Maree72 
    Absolutely no trouble at all..
    I'm sorry to hear your results weren't what you hoped for.. 
    It's starting to become clear to me that this cancer trip is going to be much harder than I could have ever imagined.. 
    Maree, Youre lost but not alone, and i reckon youre stronger than you realise!! 
    Hang in there 

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    During chemo I kept a log as with chemo brain fog, often I would forget half of what side effects I had. My oncologist was very appreciative of it and we tailored the chemo and adjunctive medicines according to how my body was doing with it all.
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    @Brenda5 that is a great idea, thanks for the tip :) 
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    @Maree72 Hows things ? 
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    Hi @Tarma - sorry for the late reply, I've bene off line for a bit, I've had my triple biopsy done the other week and that was a bit of a rough trip etc as they biopsied at 12 o'clock, 6 o'clock and then again at the 3 o'clock site if the original scare, there is now a new cancer in the original boob that the 1st cancer tumour was removed by a lumpectomy back in Jan, I have my MRI Guided biopsy next week in the right breast, as the found something there, but its playing games by not showing on the ultrasound or mammogram but showed up in the original MRI - then once that's done, it back to the surgery team and my breast care nurse to plan what happens next, they are looking at surgery at the start of October, so chemo will look to be starting by Nov sometime, so ill be bald by Dec for my birthday and Christmas, the ball has started rolling for genetic testing due to family history, this new medical team are so more switch on that the original team I had where I was just another number in a crowed system, with very little care and thought given, so I'm very grateful to be seen and heard by my new team here in Ipswich QLD - so I'm just preparing as much as I can, I have all my hair coverings now so when I loose my hair, and other things etc, I'm trying to be as prepared as one can be in this weird time of cancer 2.0 / thank you for reaching out to ask how I'm doing , that's super kind of you 
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    @Maree72 😊
    I'm so happy that you're happy with your new care team, it makes all the difference..

    Thanks for taking the time to update me, I genuinely appreciate it. I enjoy following what you gorgeous girls are up too😊

    Take good care of yourself