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    arpie said:
    That's a bummer, @Ella08 ... make sure you contact your Onc & advise them of this development - I only lasted 6 weeks on Letrozole, then 6 months on Exemestane & now been on Anastrozole for over 4 years now.  You DON'T have to put up with the pain for another 3 months!

    Give the Cherries a go as well .... they may just break the cycle!  xx.  Take care & all the best xx

    Thanks so much @arpie, i've made an appointment with RO to discuss 
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    Ella08 - wondering how you are going with Letrozole now or have you changed....My surgeon was going to give me this but I refused when I saw one side affect could be blood clots when flying - mind you I flipped out having to take anything :( and initially was going to refuse until my kind skin Dr who is husband of my GP talked my around.....and I read Anastrozole is better for women post menopause...