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So i have just stated chemo for breast cancer and i have read different things of what to avoid.
Sushi  Raw
Seafood - Raw
soft cheeses
It feels like Iam pregnant all over again !!!! no good food, morning sickness, insomnia
Can anyone tell me if these are correct and have i forgotten anything?


  • Afraser
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    It’s a more recent ‘thing’ than when I had chemo (almost ten years ago) and it’s designed to reduce chances of eating possibly tainted food when your immune system may be affected. I have no idea why honey is on the list. Alcohol is often on any medico’s list, it’s not particularly good for anything except the taste, but I found that an easy one as chemo made all alcohol taste vile! I was lucky, no nausea at all, no fatigue, no susceptibility to germs and I ate what I could taste (lost my tastebuds on Taxol). But the current regimen is for your protection. 
  • Cath62
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    Yes these foods are more risk of bacterial contamination so hence what they suggest.  I was lucky with chemo as no sickness or nausea and I didn't loose my taste buds. I ate what I liked and occasionally had alcohol on a weekend. I did gentle exercise with walking and saw as exercise physiologist too so to stay strong. I wish you all the best with your treatment. 
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    I have been eating salad and sushi. Didn’t know I should’ve been avoiding them ? Anyway, I’m mainly off spicy food because it burns my mouth. Which sucks because I love my spices. Alcohol isn’t my thing so that’s okay. I find everyone has ‘advice’ on what to eat and it is very conflicting? Just trying to eat healthy…..
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    Pregnancy-style diet is a good guide for avoiding foods that have bacteria that could give you grief if you have low immunity. 

    I've never been very good at diet rules though...  😉. I'm on chemo and on the weekend I found myself licking the raw brownie mixture from a bowl, raw egg and all...  It was good, too.

    Thinking of which... that could go part of the way to explaining my abdominal pain and bloating...  🙄. Nope... I already had that beforehand.  Phew. 😂

    Wrt alcohol, I've held off drinking just so there isn't yet another chemical/side effect in the mix. 

    I did have a drink or so on Christmas day because my treatment was delayed due to covid infection and I darn well was going to have a drink.  😄

    Wishing you all the best.  

  • Locksley
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    When I went through chemotherapy in 2020 I wasn't told to avoid any of these things and I didn't.