Reminder - 'New Look' Online Network 15th December 2022

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Hello Online Network members,

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow morning when you login to the Online Network you will notice an updated look and feel. Please make your way around the forum and explore. Hopefully, while you will see visual changes you will also see the familiar functions you have come to know well.

I have provided several screenshots below of the homepage where you will probably notice the most obvious changes:

1. The title banner - I have pointed this out as it has all the menus across the top that you require to navigate around the forum. If you start exploring around remember you can always click 'Home' to come back to this main page. There is now a far more superior 'search' function, so please give it a spin!

2. Categories - You now have all the categories front and centre on a carousel on the homepage. We have introduced icons and imaging for each category, making it much easier to find your areas of interest.

3. Discussions - The 'New Post'  button sits above the discussion thread for easy access to create your own discussion post. You will notice that discussions have now been separated into 'Recent Discussions', 'Trending Discussions' and 'BCNA Announcements & Information'.

 (Edit Correction 15/12/22 - This means that while 'Announcements' will still appear in recent discussions initially, they will no longer be pinned to the top and will flow down naturally as users create new discussions/posts. You no longer have to scroll through all the past BCNA announcements to get to the most recent discussion. 

You will also notice a very clear 'BCNA Helpline' call to action above the discussions, as we often read member sharing the number when supporting others that may be new to the Online Network. 'Quicklinks'; 'Popular Tags'; 'Who's Online' all remain to the right-hand side ('Groups' list has been moved to the top banner menu as an easy access drop down with all the available groups), however still also remain in the quicklinks).

4. BCNA Podcasts - You now have access to the podcast library that is linked to the website and automatically updated as new episodes become available.

There will be updates to the 'Navigating the online community' information in due course, however I hope the above provides some insight for the time being.

We appreciate your patience during this transition, I am sure as with any change comes questions and perhaps areas that will need to be refined to ensure the user experience is optimal.

If you have feedback or require support, please feel free to drop me a private message (click on my profile picture and 'message') or alternatively please call the Helpline 1800 500 258 (Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm AEDT).




  • Mez_BCNA
    Mez_BCNA Administrator, Staff, Member, Moderator Posts: 870
    Noting an edit to the above: New 'Announcement' posts will still appear in recent discussions initially however will no longer be pinned to the top of recent discussions when a new peer-to-peer discussion post is created. Apologies for the error in initial explanation, as I misinterpreted myself also.
  • Vicki_BCNA
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    This is fantastic @Mez_BCNA & Kate Dixon
    All of us at BCNA are very excited about the launch of the new look and feel to the online network.
    The team have done a great job. 
    I hope those using the Online Network particularly leading into the Christmas and holiday season a useful resource during this time.

    Vicki Durston
    Director Policy Advocacy & Support Services 

  • Zoffiel
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    Lovely to see such diversity in the graphics. So comforting and welcoming for anyone who is not an aging  white person.

  • Abbydog
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    I'm finding it rather annoying that new posts for discussion are not at the top.
    How is the order chosen?
    I would usually offer my opinion first or quicker to a new question/discussion.
    For example the discussion on the first page re Cold Cap started in June 2021.
    The discussion re Blood test to replace Mammogram started Nov 2019.

  • Afraser
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    Posts with new comments go back to the top but it’s the original comment that’s visible in the list. The order seems fair enough but seeing the latest comment first might help
  • Carissa_BCNA
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    Hi @Abbydog thanks for this feedback. Yes @Afraser is right in saying that posts with new comments rise to the top. So even if a post was made years ago, if there is a new comment it will go back up to the top of the discussion page. I hope I'm understanding you correctly, and am making sense.

    I'll tag @Mez_BCNA here so she can record this feedback as we always want to try and make sure the network is as user friendly as possible.
  • Abbydog
    Abbydog Member Posts: 482
    Thanks for your explanation.
    I guess I will have to get used to it.
  • June1952
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    @Abbydog, some members comment on old posts in order to bring the subject matter back to the top as they feel the old thread is of interest or help to newer members, thus saving a new post on the same subject.
  • Zoffiel
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    Sick of seeing there are 7 new comments on this post in my notifications, when there are not. Even after I mark as all read.
    Sick of having half my screen full of the banner photo which so inclusively shows older white women.
    Bored by outdated 'announcements'
    Disenchanted by meme culture and copy/paste replies
    Sick of being censored for disagreeing.
    Over it.
  • BlackWidow
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    As most people know I am pretty computer illiterate.  Imagine my distress when I tried to sign in at the library and found the site was different.  I was too scared to ask the library for help so went home and cried (as one does !).  My friend is now giving me a  s-l-o-w  lesson and I am getting there. I apologize to those who have been asking where I am but I am here now,  Hope all are doing OK.  Anne.
  • Mez_BCNA
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    Hi @BlackWidow, sorry to hear you found the changes distressing. If you wanted to chat over the phone about any aspects you still need assistance with please reach out 1800 500 258. I have updated most of the 'Navigating Community Guidelines' if this assists you as well .

    Also if you prefer the old format of Discussions, from the Homepage you can click on the button 'To access all discussions available click here!' and this will show you ALL of the discussions as you previously would be used to:

  • Mez_BCNA
    Mez_BCNA Administrator, Staff, Member, Moderator Posts: 870
    Hi @Zoffiel, sorry to hear you are sick of certain aspects of the Online Network. In relation to notifications, you can adjust your preferences if you prefer not to receive so many notifications when someone comments in an old post that you have previously been part of. Refer to this discussion post 

    I will also reach out to the platform provider to see if there is a known error with 'new' notifications actually not being new. 
  • Blossom1961
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    How do you now hide posts in the forum you no longer want to see? I dislike having to scroll through all the old announcements before getting to the warriors chats.
  • arpie
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    @Blossom1961 .... on the ‘home page’ that comes up after you sign on, just click on ‘Recent’ or Trending’ (under the pink phone number.)

    the only reason 2 announcements are up the top, is because they are active threads.

    (See no. 3 on Mez’s post up the top of the page.) Hope that helps xx 

  • Blossom1961
    Blossom1961 Member Posts: 2,374
    @arpie The old page would allow me to say I no longer wish to see these threads. I know they are active but they are of no interest to me so I wish to hide them. Any ideas on whether this can still be done?