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Notifications for new posts in Groups feature!

Mez_BCNA Administrator, Staff, Member, Moderator Posts: 682
edited February 7 in Online Community Info

Hi Members,

I am happy to share that a feature many of you have had on your wishlist is now

Notifications for
new posts in Groups

A new notification
option, allowing users to be notified when there are new posts in their Groups.
The new notification setting will be available on your Notification Preferences
page - "Notify me of new discussions in groups I am a member of."

When these options
are enabled you will receive an in-app, and/or email notification when

New announcements are posted in Groups you are a member of

New Discussions are added to Groups you are a member of.

I have included a couple of screenshots below of how you navigate to this setting:

- Click on your profile image and click 'Edit Profile'

- If you are on a desktop/laptop the 'Notification Preferences' will appear to the right (as highlighted). If on a mobile device scroll down past your 'My Story' section and it will appear underneath.

- Scroll down to 'Notify me of new discussions in groups I am a member of' and tick either or both the 'email' / 'Popup' options depending on your preference (highlighted below). Remember to click the blue 'Save General Preferences' button.


  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,015
    edited January 12
    Terrific, many thanks @Mez_BCNA - greatly appreciated.

    Will it also advise us of replies to any existing post, whether we are tagged or not?

    That will enable us to respond to new posts/replies much quicker. 

    Hopefully, It will invigorate the groups again!  ;) 

  • June1952
    June1952 Member Posts: 1,737
    When I come onto the site I check for personal messages then check for anything new in groups so whilst this function may be good for some I won't be using it, but thank you.
  • Mez_BCNA
    Mez_BCNA Administrator, Staff, Member, Moderator Posts: 682
    Thats great @June1952, everyone has different ways of using the Online Network and not everyone wants to receive notifications for everything.

    @arpie you will not receive a notification for new 'comments' in previous Group discussions unless you create or participate or have been tagged in the discussion. In saying this, if there is a discussion you would like to keep updated on that you haven't been involved in directly you can bookmark the discussion and you will receive notifications as well. Hope this helps