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Hi everyone - I feel a bit slack complaining that I am about to start radiation and I don't know how I will manage to continue to work when I hear of people working and having chemo. I feel overwhelmed by the thought of managing. How have other people managed? I am run down after surgery, working and day to day living. I am a widow and I am alone in this. Thank you for listening


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    Hi I was lucky that I am semi retired and was able to take off 6 weeks to undertake my radiotherapy .
    I had 28 sessions and the facility was close to my home do that was good.
    Towards the end I got quite fatigued and even had to have the odd “ nana nap” , and the fatigue lasted a few weeks after.
    I had very little in the way of skin issues - if the facility offers Mepitel and you can use it take it - I was not a candidate due to large “dog ears” ( fixed in my subsequent reconstruction surgery ) so I sent away for strata xrt cream which did the trick .
    I know that lots of ladies on here have worked through radiotherapy and you are right it’s a lot less impact  than chemotherapy from what I have read.
    Take care 🌺
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    Tiredness and fatigue hit along the way

    Here's a link from the BCNA website
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    Dear @Neomi

    Never forget that those who work through chemo, can. They are not felled by fatigue, battling nausea or juggling too many tasks. They are often people who, by the quirks of this unpredictable disease, are less affected by treatment than many others. The measure of your own success is you, not somebody else. Best wishes. 
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    I was run down by life way before my diagnosis. I was very lucky that I had stopped working a year prior. 2 years later and I’m still not working, even more happily. I put extremely hard yards in for a decade, working double or extra shifts, which most teachers couldn’t even do for a week. I did it for a decade. I’m also a single mum, have been since 2013. Had no one help me in any major way. That’s why now, when I most need it, I’m taking the time for MYSELF, to heal properly. And that takes years, because it took years to break me. 
    I did need about a year and a half to let go of the guilt of not working, but that’s why now I’m happy af 😃. 
    Mind you, I’m still working in other ways. I’m still a single mum, I’ve had to move a few times alone, did most of the heavy lifting alone, am renovating my little house alone, I’m fighting against my neighbours (who are major bullies) and that involves hours of research into my rights and more hours writing statements and collecting evidence. So it’s safe to safe I’m still very busy and active, just not getting paid for it. I try to keep it on my terms though. I do as much as I can. I don’t want to get sick again. 
    Listen to your body and don’t feel guilt for needing rest and time out ♥️.
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    Your personal circumstances of being on your own really adds another layer to all you are going through.  I am also on my own.  You are not slack, not at all.  Don't worry when you hear stories of people working through chemo, and please don't compare their situation with yours.  I was run down even before I got diagnosed with breast cancer and I was working long shifts.

    Remember you do not have the shoulder/or emotional support at home, so you need to look after YOU and do what is best for you.  It can be a tough gig, especially going through it without your partner. Best wishes.
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    My journey not started as yet for radiation in my mind I'm hoping I can still work.
    Are many still working full-time or part time .
    Thanks for any reply and hugs to you all.x
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    Hi @Neomi and @Pommy8,  I live in Western NSW. Are you both living near a radiotherapy centre? I had to travel to, and stay in Orange for my radiotherapy. My active treatment was five years ago. I imagine that if I hadn't had chemo; and if I had lived near a radiotherapy centre, that I could have worked through radiotherapy. But as our network colleagues say; everybody is different.

    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    I live 20 mins away so not to bad.