Radiation - with or without tattoo



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    Thank you for sharing @Tinks! x
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    I had 25 R/T sessions. 3 dot tattoos didn't worry me at  all. I too include them in my number of tattoos.
    3 dots, 2 eyebrows, and will have 2 nipples latter this year.
    The hospital I attended covered my R/T site with Mepitel. This is kept on 24/7
    No creams used. The nurses patched it as needed, when it peeled off.
    I had no burns, or redness.
    I believe that the breath holding is only if having L side treatment.
    I did not find it tiring, but I wasn't working either.
    All the best with your treatment.
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    I quite like my 4 tatts too!!  They are hardly noticeable in truth! 
    I finished RT 2 weeks ago....I was part of a clinical trial for Strata...everything went really well thru my 25 treatments altho the skin did get very dark, almost cooked especially under the arm, it was very dry but not sore.  I was told not to use any other creams...possibly due to the clinical trial.   The night before my last RT the skin under my arm split and was a bit sore.  As soon as my last treatment was over I was taken to the radiation nurses who dressed my burns...over the next week my skin got really dark..especially where they had used the bolus during treatment. The area was about the size of an A4 piece of paper.  I had to saline soak with a washer twice a day and then apply solosite and autramann dressings.  I have to wear a singlet type thing to hold all the dressings and padding in place.  For the last 1and a half weeks I have been using Flamazine which contains silver and sulphur.  This has healed up the raw burns and redness very very quickly and almost seems to have grown new skin.  The difference in photos from last week to today is unbelievable!  So, yes Strata Worked really well during treatment but after the skin broke down I could not have tolerated having to smear it across all the broken red skin.  I am of Maori descent and have very olive skin, I had thought my skin would tolerate RT really well as I do not get easily sun burnt.  I hope this helps someone...
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    I can't say with any authority.
    I suspect previous sun damage or exposure plays a part, in the amount of damage.
    I am fair skinned. I had no visible damage with 25 sessions.
    My lack of damage may have been due to the Mepitel.