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Double mastectomy what to expect no reconstruction



  • Faith123
    Faith123 Member Posts: 7
    Thanks so much for your reply Christabel. Your help me a lot. Physio will be an important part for me as I used to play a lot of competition tennis my passion and hope I can get back to this. I am putting on a brave front to all except my husband cops my highs and lows which I feel bad about. He is an older and wiser man but really can’t cope with any change. I know everyone’s journey is different and wish you all the very best with yours. Thanks 
  • Christabel03
    Christabel03 Member Posts: 79
    @Faith123 I would say we are all pretty good at putting on the brave front when we need to, but it is perfectly ok not to be ok as you go along too, we are after all only human. I am pretty sure I have put the full force of all of this on my husband at times as well, but I really do believe that they understand :) 
    Just keep on doing the physio exercises they give you after surgery and if you need to seek extra physio visits after surgery as well. This is what I did and I have found it to be really worth it. My physio also has been measuring fluid to watch for any signs of lymphedema which is good as well. She has certainly helped me to get the range of movement to be better than it was and also has helped me to mange cording. 
    Hope it all goes ok for you, I am sure you will get back to tennis :)
  • Faith123
    Faith123 Member Posts: 7
    thanks again 

  • Mez_BCNA
    Mez_BCNA Administrator, Staff, Member, Moderator Posts: 682
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