EMOJI ('Reactions')

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Hello members,

In a recent unrelated discussion thread there has been a clear dissatisfaction expressed with the current emojis (aka reactions) available or not available to you when communicating in the online network.

In relation to the 'hug' emoji, this was an organisational decision to  include the hug reaction as it is a popular emoji with the members and BCNA has confirmed it is staying. Unfortunately we are limited within this platform and cannot create 'new' emojis but can replace existing ones (The 'flag' and 'quote' are not reactions that can be used). We have found an interim solution to enable the smiley face reaction to be 'awesome' and hope this will satisfy those that wish to have this option back as well. If you do not like a particular emoji than you do not have to use it and if you have other feature suggestions send the moderators a private message.

Final thoughts and gentle reminder:
To keep this space welcoming and supportive to members, it is important that we are all respectful.  When we are online, we have to work harder because there is no body language, facial expressions and tone of voice to help us interpret what people are saying to us. We remind you to please be respectful of other members and also the staff at BCNA. 

Many thanks.


  • arpie
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    Awesome result, @Mez_BCNA - well done to all involved on getting it reinstated! ..... Thank you.

    The 'awesome' emoji has been greatly missed.