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Upfront About Breast Cancer PODCAST 'Advance Care Planning - Taking Control of Your Future'

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Hi everyone,

Please find below information on BCNA's latest Upfront About Breast Cancer Podcase E37:

Living with metastatic breast cancer often means you need to make decisions about your treatment and care. As well as working with your treating team to work out decisions surrounding your current care, it’s also good to think ahead and talk about the care you may want in the future, if you are unable to communicate your preferences for care yourself.

In this episode we’re joined by Dr Sonia Fullerton. Sonia is a consultant in palliative medicine who assists in patient centred decision-making and advance care plans.

We’ll hear about who should consider developing an advanced care plan, what the process involves and who can assist you, where to get the advice you need and the questions you should ask.

Listen via this link or wherever you get your podcasts: https://buff.ly/3FGumQs

(Always exercise self-care when listening to podcasts as the content may be triggering or upsetting for some people).

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  • June1952
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    I have to say that the Advanced Care Planning is relevant to everyone, not just those living with metastatic breast cancer.  One never knows what the future holds at any time in our lives.  It is important for all to make their wishes known to others so we are treated as we would like when the time comes.  To have this in written form also helps those we love to make the decisions.
  • arpie
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    Yep - when I organised an Advanced Care Plan for my husband, my GP was most impressed with the simplicity of it ... and asked for a copy.

    Here it is - just change the name, the pre-existing ailments and anything else that is relevant ..... take it to your GP and get it signed off, leave a copy with them, keep a signed copy in your hand bag - put a signed copy in the 'emergency grab bag' in case an ambulance is called .... and maybe give it to your lawyer as well ...... and keep a spare signed copy or two at home.

    It needs to be produced at hospitals when it could make the difference between your loved one being 'dosed up' against his will - or your wishes being carried out.

    Just Do It .....
  • PollyMammary
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    Thank you @arpie for sharing this pro forma advanced care directive.  It is helpful.