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Just a suggestion to many.
If possible could members of this Online forum, include a little more information about their diagnosis and type of Breast Cancer.
In the 'About Me' part of their profile. 
I don't know if others have trouble.
But sometimes I have trouble understanding a problem and or giving advice.
Especially if pieces of information appear separately in different Discussions.
Only a suggestion.


  • FLClover
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    That’s a good suggestion. I’ve been thinking of changing mine to include more info as I always find it helpful when it does 👌🏻
  • Abbydog
    Abbydog Member Posts: 482
    I'm glad that someone agrees.
    Thought I might be alone, with my thought
  • Halla
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    Great idea 
  • Julez1958
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    Yes that is a great idea.
  • FLClover
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    You’re def not alone. I always go to check that section, and when it’s empty feel a bit annoyed cos I also can’t make sense of some comments, and I don’t want to bother people with too many questions. But then I’m a hypocrite cos mine is empty too. I haven’t written there for psychological reasons, cos it would make the profile too real. But I’m at a place now where I’m more comfortable to, so I will. And hopefully more ladies will too 🙂. Absolutely no judgement on those who don’t as we all have reasons for not doing it, but it would be more helpful. 
    And yes, I’m an over thinker 😆
  • iserbrown
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    I think you will find it beneficial to use the search bar within the forum.
    A lot don't put up their detailed diagnosis for lots of reasons. 
    As we know the diagnosis and treatment is individual.  
  • Cath62
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    I really liked what you said @FLClover
  • FLClover
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    Thanks @Cath62 😊 Xx