University says women should be advised of their Breast Density!!



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    @AllyJay Yep, BreastScreen NSW employs the mantra of 'younger women, dense breasts, false positives and the stress caused' ad nauseum as its rationale for not promoting its mammogram program to women starting at age 40.

    Mention older women, dense breasts, false negatives (i.e. 'all clear letters' despite harbouring breast cancer) and BreastScreen NSW's silence is deafening.  It fails to tailor screening to the requirements of each woman but employs a woefully inadequate one-size-fits-all approach. 

    The BreastScreen Reader Assessment Strategy (BREAST) at the University of Sydney notes a mammogram detection failure rate of about 30% with many missed cancers being visible on the image.

    Every year the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) releases the BreastScreen Australia Monitoring Report - here's a link to the 2020 report. BreastScreen Australia monitoring report 2020 (  P. 32 cites that over the past twenty years BreastScreen Australia's rate of detecting cancers at the 'small' stage (≤15 mm) has been declining.