Do you celebrate Valentine's Day ?

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As yet another lonely Valentine's Day comes along I think of how others may be 'celebrating', how circumstances can be so different.
Some will be cuddling up and enjoying spending time together.
Some will be travelling near and far.
There may be flowers and chocolates, plans for a great day out together.
Some may be visiting hospitals or nursing homes, battling to even remember each other.
Some may just think it is all a beat-up money-grabbing venture.
With the new lockdown in Victoria I cannot go to visit my Valentine (he is at his final resting place).
However you are 'celebrating', please take the time to appreciate all you have.
Please, no political comments, allow others to enjoy this day if they want to celebrate it.
Hugs to all, especially those who have no-one with whom to share the fun of the day.


  • wendy55
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    Yes to all of the above.

  • FLClover
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    I have a partner after 7 years of being single. But I’m choosing to spend today with my eternal true loves: myself and my daughter 🥰♥️. I hope everyone has a pleasant day. Treat yourselves to something nice. We deserve love towards ourselves too, from ourselves 💝💋
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    Didn’t even known it was today.  One day morphs into the next.

    Never really ‘fallen For it’ as such ... it is such a Yank thing ....  tho in my 20s ... I do recall sending a ‘Good Luck’ card to an ‘ex’ ... but changed the “L” to an “F” ..... and adding ‘Good Bye’ at the top ....  and didn’t sign it ..... LOL.  He is Probably still wondering who sent it! 

    I hope this gives you a giggle ... 
  • Sister
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    Just another day.
  • Zoffiel
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    It's The Hound's birthday, 14 of Feb. Also the birthday of my dear friend (and monster braniac)Trish who lost her life to cancer in 2011. I'm not festive, but certain dates do give me cause for reflection.
    Weirdly, I've got three mates born on St Pats day. None of them would ever drink a green beer, but it helps me remember that I should send them, at least, a text. On a personal level, my partner tells me I'm loved so regularly I don't need to worry about a lack of flowers on a Hallmark occasion.