I think, I hope I have learnt my lesson. NO is not a mean word

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Its been quite some time since posting anything.
I do get on and have a quick browse for inspiration. And insight into reminding that I’m not alone and that What’s happening etc someone else has something similar regarding my Life since BC, 4+ long years 
Back to my TITLE. 
I was doing alright saying no for a time but back to my old habits, someone asks and I say yes before realising what the impact on me will be. 
between work and my regular babysitter (grandkids) duties which I love doing.
I have over committed myself again and have left myself so tired after the other requests I’ve said yes to,
I waste one of my days off in bed after lunch and not able to get up till it’s time to get ready for work. 
As I’m  having my 6 month Oncologist check up next week along with the usual tests before that. I said you are going to have to make other arrangements as I can’t fit it. Organise something else, quickly answered oh I’ll just go stay at ?! Place. Thats when I realised was being used by an 18 year old lazy brat that played on my generosity and sympathy. 

 I’m determined to get my life back. 
Regular walks 
Get Back into my hobbies
visiting my friends and family again
back to healthy eating at regular times.
Wish me luck getting it all to happen 


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    I hear you on the bone pain!  Drives me nutty!
  • cranky_granny
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    I wonder if we will ever be free of the post treatment side effects.
    ive gotten used to the numb finger tips just keep my nails trimmed and no polish that feeling of always having dirt under them. And the toes and part of the 1 foot always feeling like they’re in icy water I can push that to the side.  
    Pits the aches that never seem to go away unless I drug myself up. And that’s not happening till it can’t be avoided 

    I just have to remember to slow the pace down. I can’t clean the entire house and yard in 1 day anymore 
  • iserbrown
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    You're certainly a champion @wendy55!!

    Heart goes out to you!

    It is, unfortunately,  how it is but you have it under control and manage your days accordingly!

    Cheers to effective treatment

    Take care and best wishes 
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    Good luck to you @cranky_granny in your quest to get your life back.  After all we go through with this disease, we need a break.  You need to be able to do what you like.

    @wendy55 your positive attitude is inspiring, best wishes to you.
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    Me Too! Thanks Cranky-Granny for expressing this so well!

    Its so good to be able to talk like this knowing that you all understand, people have to walk in our shoes to get it!
    Thanks again ladies,
  • cranky_granny
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    Well my house lizard  has been away since Wednesday and I’ve been out and visited family went to the club for dinner and done the housework at a nice steady pace as  theres no drop off or pick up at stupid hours. He doesn’t get it it takes 2 hours out of my day
    But anyway it has given me more incentive to get my NO happening more
    living alone is great I can do so much more without having to consider anyone else. 
    Had my play date was wonderful. 
    More power to me I say