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Newly diagnosed.    Have had unipolar depression for 6 years. Which has been a huge illness to deal with.  And now DCIS
I am fortunate it’s very early and I know the prognosis is good. But I still feel worried about my future.  I’ve just retired.   


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    So sorry to see you here, @EllaD99 ... you are in the right place for support and info on all steps!  We’ve all been there and don’t that.  I reckon everyone gets depressed with BC diagnosis, to a degree, just the level changes! ... with your existing history of depression, maybe check in with your psych/counsellor so they know what you are going thru now and hopefully they can give you extra coping mechanisms.  

    Try and keep busy ... idle hands allows the brain to take over!  Try & keep your sense of humour 'up there', too - we have a really good 'funnies page' (called Friday Funnies, but we add them every day!!)  A good laugh now and then is good medicine.  Just click on the link to add your own pics and posts ... 

    If you are into arts & crafts, we have a 'Creative Corner' 

     and if into your garden, a Gardening post as well!! 

    If you have any questions or don’t understand stuff your team says, whack up questions here and we’ll do our best to help.  

    I’d suggest you record all your early appts with your team, for the record, as it is easy to miss one bit, as you ponder what had just been said!  Take a buddy with you as well, for support and an extra set of ears.

    Take care and all the best xx

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    Many thanks for all positive suggestions.