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Pip47Pip47 Dandenong RangesMember Posts: 22
I had DCIS removed this month last year. Only lump removed can any one tell me if I should be able to feel where it is stitched inside. I know I have a small void. 


  • Dory65Dory65 Member Posts: 179
    Hi @Pip47,
    I had a lumpectomy & DCIS removed in the axilla (underarm). It was in November 2019. The area was numb for months, then I had a seroma (which resolved with massage and exercise). The area is a lot softer now, but still numb. I was told by the surgeon that there would be nerve damage. I can't feel much beyond the scar.
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,075
    Numbness can linger. My underarm belonged to someone else at first, couldn’t feel much including roll on deodorant (a few misses!). And no sense of temperature. But nerve endings have an amazing capacity to renew. Eight years on I can feel much more although temperature remains a bit iffy. It can take a while but things can get better. Best wishes. 
  • Pip47Pip47 Dandenong RangesMember Posts: 22
    I don't have any numbness, the DCIS was in a milk duct in about the 11.00 o'clock position. I now feel there is a thickening below but not under the scar. My imagination is beging to take over. Thanks for your comments.👩
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