Webinar on the effects of Covid and Breast Cancer treatment/care

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Breastcancer.org is running a webinar on the effects of Covid-19 and Breast Cancer treatment & care - it may be that your treatment has been delayed or even postponed as a result of Covid.

I know my own covid experience was very mild, compared to some who's surgery may have been delayed -  my recent Onc appointment was via phone instead of a hands on, face to face check - so I now need to get my GP to check my boobs on my next appointment!  But this virus may be effecting us for up to 2 years (going by the Spanish Flu statistics in 1918-1920!)

If you register for the Webinar (below) you will be sent a recording & report on the discussions - as it is USA time (not Australian time) so may not be convenient to watch 'live'.

Topics include:

  • Tips for staying on track with treatment during COVID-19
  • Which breast cancer therapies may weaken the immune system, and other risk factors for patients
  • How hospital procedures have been adapted to reduce patients’ exposure to the virus
  • Why breast reconstruction is one of the most affected types of treatment
  • How pre-treatment fertility preservation became difficult or impossible
  • How clinical trials have changed — in some ways that made for a more positive experience for enrolled patients
  • What you can do to stay vigilant during the pandemic