Triple Negative breast cancer diagnosis



  • KJC
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    I was diagnosed with stage 2 TNBC in September 2020 and started fortnightly AC chemo. I have lymph node involvement as well.  Had small clips inserted at the start to make it easier when I have surgery. So moved to weekly taxol treatment but have had this cut short because of neuropathy.  They told me because I had tnbc I would need chemo first then surgery, not sure if this is always  the case, so I am looking at having surgery in a few weeks as I am only allowed  4 weeks in between chemo to having surgery.  I have no idea about lumpectomy vs mastectomy so any advice would be appreciated.  I am so sorry that there are so many of us going through this. You will be surprised what you can do and how much you can endure when you need to. Stay strong, accept help and believe in yourself.  @mkdazed