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Triple Negative breast cancer diagnosis

MkdazedMkdazed Member Posts: 3
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I have found out this morning that I have triple negative breast cancer.  My Chemo starts tomorrow and I am overwhelmed with saddness and aprehension of what lies ahead in my future.
It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since I had the scan.  My whole world has been turned upside down.


  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,186
    Dear @Mkdazed
    Welcome to the network. We are sorry you have to be here but it’s a very good place for support and advice. Everyone feels much as you do at the beginning. In many cases, the diagnosis is a shock, and fear and profound confusion become your companions. Hard as it may be (and it is) shake them off as soon as you can as they are not the best friends you need at the moment. Chemo may be easier than you think but even if it’s tough, you are doing it for a purpose. Everything you do for a purpose - walking, eating good food even if you don’t feel like it, doing things you enjoy, being with people who make you laugh (yes, it is possible) - helps you defeat fear and focus on getting better. Just for the moment, think one day ahead. None of us actually knows what lies in our future, but when you are fearful and confused, it’s all too easy to imagine dire outcomes. Which may well never happen so don’t waste your energy on them. The world is pretty topsy turvy at the moment, all you can do is face each day with the intention of making the best of it. Each chemo session means one less to
    go. Best wishes for tomorrow and for your recovery. The day oncology staff are there to help and inform you, as are so many people on this site. 

  • MkdazedMkdazed Member Posts: 3
    Thank you Afraser,
    The only thing I can do it take one day at a time, but right now its hard to see that I will ever feel happy or have a laugh again.  I know i'm feeling sorry for myself.  I have a great family and support, so need to buckle in for the ride.
    Appreciate your support!

  • ddonddon Member Posts: 328
    A diagnosis one day and chemo the next is a huge shock and so hard to process. I am so sorry you are facing that - be comforted that a quick start means you are getting treated straight away and sometimes having no time to think about it can be a blessing. Today you feel like you will never be happy again but I promise you will be, and even during chemo you can feel normal many days and you will get on with life. 
    Sending a big hug x
  • strongtogetherstrongtogether BrisbaneMember Posts: 146
    @Mkdazed welcome to the club nobody wants to join. It's not easy, but there are a lot of people here who understand. There's nothing else for it but taking one step at a time,  and keep on believing. 
    All the best. 
  • Shellshocked2018_Shellshocked2018_ Fleurieu Peninsula , SAMember Posts: 281
    Hi Mkdazed, Welcome to this very informative forum of lovely people who understand what you’re going through and how you’re feeling, we all get it.

    I was also diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer back in October 2018, after surgeries, chemo and Radiotherapy, I had my annual mammogram after diagnosis and treatment and I was given the ALL CLEAR. Another 6 months on saw surgeon last week, all good.

    You have got this...... take one day at a time, we are here for any questions big or small, you can send me a private message anytime if you want to talk about anything regarding Triple negative treatment.
    Put on those boxing gloves.....
    Sending hugs xx

  • Caroline86Caroline86 Member Posts: 6
    I have also just been diagnosed with Triple-negative cancer stage 1, had a lumpectomy straight away and looking at chemo and mastectomy or radiation.
    its incredibly hard to get your head around when u feel well. What chemo are you doing? What stage if you don’t mind me asking?
    i don’t see oncologist for a few more weeks. Waiting to heal before I start. But have so many questions! Hope you recover soon x
  • Shellshocked2018_Shellshocked2018_ Fleurieu Peninsula , SAMember Posts: 281
    Hi Caroline86, 
    Welcome to this very informative and supportive forum.
    I can send you a private message to discuss anything about Triple negative BC
    sending hugs  xx
  • TerryTeeTerryTee Member Posts: 14
    So sorry to hear @Mkdazed.  I'm newly diagnosed too but with a different prognosis, and I too was dazed.  From going to a bi-annual scan to being in surgery was just way too fast to process, emotionally or intellectually.  I listened to a webinar from BCNA the other night and the comment that stuck with me most was asking for "permission to fall apart".  I really needed to hear that, and then I passed that on to all my friends and family.  I hope you find some support here from the rest of us who are just coming to grips with a new way of life, just different.
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