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    @KarynJ I'm not sure whats happened.    Maybe all the bushfires have put them behind schedule.   Last year one of my lymph nodes was enlarged and they were all over it.  I see random doctors in the breast clinic when I go as well, varying experiences ha!  But usually good. I think once the surgery portion  is finished the surgeon bows out and focusses on others.  I've only  dealt with Michelle as a breast care nurse, but she's been awesome.

    That's interesting that you mentioned the Qld Xray give you a 3d mammo as an option.  Is that covered by medicare or do you have to pay?  I turned them down and said I don't mind waiting for the hospital (I'm in my 5th year after a lumpectomy), but if they do something that's more detailed I might rethink that decision.
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    A lot of public hospitals outsource their scanning.  Some of them just don't have all the equipment.  It's all electronic transfer these days so really there shouldn't be many delays .  At my last apt with the surgeon she just pulled up all the images the radiology place had done straight away for me to see.  No sure which hospital you are talking about but if they've lost your surgery report and original pathology someone's ass should be grass.
    I guess there's one good thing about a lot of hospitals being digitally connected to each other these days, the records are there when you need them. can't say too much either but....that's of course unless the wi fi is out, the batteries are flat in the computers, multiple other technical glitches, hacking, human error,   etc etc etc  :#
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    Hi @mira. I'm not sure how "3D" the 3D is.  The report has some very technical jargon I don't really understand.  But the machine had 3D written on the side and while I was being squished, part of the machine moved in an arc over the top of the breast.  So in the images, you can scroll through and see about 30 different slides as the machine took the pictures.

    The report says:

    "Bilateral MLO and CC tomosynthesis imaging with 2D C-view reconstructed images.  The 3D volumetric breast density reading is xx% in the right breast in keeping with and BIRADS B."

    Then later in the report it states:
    "Volpara Breast Density Ranges
    <xx% fatty, BIRADS A
    xx% - xx% scattered fibroglandular, BIRADS B
    xx% - xx% heterogeneously dense, BIRADS C
    >xx% extremely dense, BIRADS D

    So whether it's a true 3D imaging process, I'm not sure.  It may be just measuring volume and size and not taking the detailed x-rays.

    I didn't have to pay for any of it.  It was all bulk billed.
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    Hi @kezmusc . I was desperate to use your "ass should be grass" expression. :) 

    I had my follow up appointment this afternoon at the Clinic.  Turns out they do still have my images from last year.  The reason why they couldn't be sent to X-Ray? Oh...computers...you know....teething problems....file sizes.

    So from what I can tell it was just put in the "too hard" basket.

    The Dr today advised that someone from the hospital radiology department looked at last year's scans and the new images and doesn't think there is anything to worry about.  Yay! 2 years all clear!!

    However, there will be a follow up report pending comparison of old and new images by X-Ray. The Dr will phone me if there is anything of concern.

    So until I hear otherwise, happy days!!
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    It's one of my favourite sayings :)  Congrats on the two years!   xoxoxo
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    P.S  I queried BCN about having 3d mammo after my long running saga of standard mammos not picking things up.  She kind of wrinkled her nose up and said "Don't think it will help in your case"  It's still not as good as MRI technology.  Hmmm makes you wonder huh?
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    Thanks @kezmusc. Even if 3d isn't helpful in every case I still think we should be given all available techology options for our own peace of mind. And who knows? It just may be the thing that at least prompts further investigation.
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    I am also PA patient and have everything brilliant but do wonder why we can not got back to Breast screen for mammograms instead of hanging around busy hospital radiology department