Friday update 14 February 2020

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Hello everyone and welcome to our Friday update.

A very warm welcome to all of our new members who have joined our online community over the last month, like many of our members say ‘it’s the club that nobody wants to join’ but once here you will find a friendly, welcoming and supportive community. 

Community highlights

Each week we have lots of different discussions take place in the online network.  These can include questions, updates, celebrations and so much more.  Did you know that we have nine different categories for these discussions?

·         Newly diagnosed

·         Metastatic breast cancer

·         Test, treatments and side effects

·         Health and welling

·         Day to day

·         Supporting someone with breast cancer

·         Community news and events

·         General discussions

·         Now what?  The highs and lows of survivorship

Here are some conversations that you may have missed during the last fortnight.

1.       Kisquali

Thread commenced by @Joinmelb who had some questions regarding hair loss related to kisquali.  Great to hear that you purchased a wig @Joinmelb to help you manage your hair loss.  Congratulations @Glynnis good news regarding your scan results!

 2.       This is my first time posting… 

Thread commenced by @Mazbeth, It can be daunting making that first online post but once in, you will find a very supportive community.  ‘I cannot thank all of you enough - your words of support have already lifted me.’   Wishing you all the best with your chemotherapy treatment..

 3.       Sharing is caring.  Thanks ladies

Thanks for starting this thread @karma03, great to hear that our member’s posts are encouraging and that they give you a good laugh at times!  Wishing you all the best with your upcoming surgery.

Community news

Together Towards Tomorrow Conference, Perth WA

To all our members from Western Australia, don’t forget to register for our next Survivorship conference in Perth on Saturday 28 March 2020.  To register to attend click here.


Complementary therapies for breast cancer webcast held on Thursday 13 February 2020

Breast Cancer Network Australia hosted a free webcast with the Melbourne Integrative Oncology Group where they discussed complementary therapies, how they differ to alternative therapies, the importance of clinical research, and the risks of doctor google and how to find evidence based, reliable information around complementary therapies. 

The interactive webcast was facilitated by Kirsten Pilatti, CEO BNCA with presenter Tanya Wells, Lead Clinician at Melbourne Integrative Oncology Group.  Don’t worry if you missed the webcast, it will be available on our website very soon.  

See current webcasts available

FYI, there have recently been six new podcasts that have been uploaded into the My Journey online tool that you may like to view, four young women podcasts, fear of recurrence and how to plan for and recover from breast reconstruction surgery.

Clinical trials reveal breast cancer breakthrough

A common pill used to treat anxiety and high blood pressure could slow the spread of breast cancer.   See here for more

Birthday listing

A big thank you to @gumnut who has volunteer to manage our birthday listing going forward!

This week’s reflective quote

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.”
— Mark Twain

Take some time out for you this weekend, we hope you have an enjoyable valentines day and get to spend some time  with your loved ones.

Your moderation team

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