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Stable - schmable...



  • Ann-Marie AK
    Ann-Marie AK Member Posts: 166
    edited March 2015

    Hello my friend.

    Yes stable is good, keep plugging away and hopefully you will eventually wear the buggers out. I like the analogy about martial arts and your new outlook might just be the strategy needed - by bringing some more balance and joy back into your life you might just outwit the opponent!

    Speaking of Christmas - I can't wait!  I usually have this strict rule about not putting up the tree or discussing gifts and writing to Santa until Dec 1 but this year I just want to bring it on. What the hell, why not decorate the house early and dance and sing along to Christmas carols? It's such a magical time when you have young children we should string it out for longer. I might just get started this week.

    Tis the season to be merry

    Take care

    Ann-Marie xxx