I made my 5 year milestone from my 2nd diagnosis :)

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Hey All!

Been a very long time since I've posted in the main Forum, however I felt it important to share this. My first diagnosis was in 2011, I underwent a lumpectomy, radiation and tamoxifen. 4yrs later at my routine yearly checkup, I was diagnosed with a recurrence in the scar tissue of the lumpectomy :( it was a 2.5cm tumor ER+ Stage 2, Grade 3 aggressive. I had a lumpectomy, chemo and put on Arimidex in January 2016. 1yr later due to my Oncologists recommendation and Genetic Testing which was negative, I had a single mastectomy/diep flap reconstruction in Feb 2017.

To say the path over the past 9 years has been incredibly soul destroying on every possible level, I know that every single one of you here will identify with that. It was a long road to recovery, my world was ripped apart at 2nd diagnosis and I honestly didn't know how my life would ever be the same or remotely normal again. 

To be able to say I hit 5yrs for the road I have traveled is enormous, in so many ways. Not only did I recover I'd say to possibly 90% capacity, I've been back at work full time now for 2yrs, it is tough at times yes. I have just bought a new home after moving across Melbourne 2yrs ago and got a new job. I start 2020, not just with a blessing that I made it to this, I bought a new home but I also got a promotion. If anyone told me 5yrs ago this is where I would be? I would not have believed it...how could anyone?? I didn't feel anything was possible anymore and I didnt know how this experience was going to redefine who I was or where I was going.

To anyone out there beginning this road, hang in there, whatever feeds your soul..DO THAT! nurture you and honor every bit of you along the way, this is what I learnt. Life is a blessing, a gift, Ive never taken it for granted and I still don't know what is ahead...but today I will celebrate because I worked so hard to get here.

Don't give up...one step at a time and don't ever apologize when you fall...just make sure you get back up.. You can all do this...keep going..

Hugs xoxo M


  • iserbrown
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    Woo hoo! Excellent milestone and great achievements!
    Pat on the back you have done so well with all that challenged you. Strength to you!
    Take care
    Hugs x
  • Afraser
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    Happy new year and new life! Well done and keep well. 
  • primek
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    Excellent. Congratulations. 
  • strongtogether
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    How awesome!
  • suburbangirl
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    So very pleased for you @melclarity and thank you for your inspirational and supportive post.
    I agree, at times we walk a shaky path, and the rug can be pulled out from under us at any time, so we need to keep living life to our best.
    Good on you!

  • kmakm
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    Well done Mel, happy for you. K xox
  • Zoffiel
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    That's awesome Mel, congrats all round
    I've just hit the three year mark from my recurrence. It's 14 years since my  first diagnosis. Things get better, but I'm still only operating at about 60% capacity. Let's hope the next two years does the trick. Mxx
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    Dear @melclarity

    and congratulations. Thanks for your post.
    Best wishes from jennyss in Western NSW

  • melclarity
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    @iserbrown @strongtogether @primek @Afraser @suburbangirl @zoffiel @jennyss thank you! I just think in the face of this I've erred on the side of caution as I'm moving forward. I can't say I did anything too different from the 1st diagnosis, which just goes to show...it really is just pot luck! xo 

    @suburbangirl its a very shaky unpredicatable path for everyone, my story hasn't been a great one, but this chapter has been thank goodness. So yes, I just keep moving as we all do, one step in front of the other..and always have hope. x

    @zoffiel I admit my capacity does dwindle on a bad day due to meds and especially if I'm under stress. The last 18 months particularly took its toll on me in every way, losing my Dad and dealing with my parents house and estate. I admit that with all of that to come out the other side be relatively sane lol, but physically managing has surprised me. I did think that the stress would not have been particularly kind for this checkup. You've had a damn long haul! are you taking meds? I hate them to be honest, and I take a 6 week break a couple times a year which the Onc is fine with, just helps alleviate some symptoms to be able to move forward and breathe uuugh! Wishing you some improvement the next few years to a better quality of life as we all deserve that, but somehow seems to have been disregarded in the process of treating and stats. Hmmm...xo

    Hugs M x

  • arpie
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    Congratulations, Mel, that is a terrific milestone.   Well done on the work front promotion and your new home!  Massive relocation!

    With your med breaks ... are you still on Arimidex?   As your Onc knows you are taking breaks, do you just ‘do them’ now and then or do you line up the dates up with your Onc first, or tell them at your next appt?  

    So Sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing and associated stresses afterwards.  That would have been tough.

    take care, stay well xx
  • Giovanna_BCNA
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    Hello @melclarity wonderful news, wishing you all the best!
  • Anne65
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    @melclarity What an achievement & amazing milestone. Congrats to you & you should be so proud of yourself for sharing your story & finding that strength within to keep battling through & coming out on top. I wish you continued strength & love. Take care xx
  • nikkid
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    @melclarity you continue to be my inspiration. Congratulations...Let's look at 55 years more :)
  • Keeping_positive1
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    @melclarity after reading some of your previous posts, I can tell you have met your challenges with grace and positivity, even though it has been tough going on your own.  You are truly an inspiration to all here that struggle with the unknown future.  Thank you so much for sharing.  Best wishes to you always.
  • CarmelS
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    Well done @melclarity. Life does continue & you sound like you're doing it well. You've just bought to the front of my brain that it will be 9 years for me soon. ....(& still I chase the elusive finish line for my breast recon )
    Well done & carry on.
    Carmel :)