12 month scans

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This time last year is all a bit of a haze - drs appointments, tests, surgery, treatment - on and on for the next 6 months. Am now approaching my 1 year scan and the anxiety is building up. I know I can’t change the outcome, but somehow this thought does not help a lot. Scan is Friday & then we fly out on Monday for an amazing USA & Mexico trip. Considered putting scan off until return but then of course it is Christmas which is another busy time. Really just using this forum to express my anxieties as a way of dealing with it. I have no reason to think the worst, but just hard. Trying hard to continue with ‘normal’ routine but always at the back of mind is ‘what if?’. Fortunately the clinic I attend provides the results on same day so at least there is no horrible wait. Trying hard to do the relaxation ‘stuff’ and keep things in perspective. Does it get any easier as the years roll on or is this recurrence fear something that stays with us for ever!!


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    Hope this puts it into perspective for you!  
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    It does get better! I had butterflies in my stomach and, much worse, odd twinges and sensations (remaining breast, shoulder) every year, in spite of clearly understanding that this was scanxiety. After five years, it more or less stopped. No, I don’t think five is a magic number, I think I finally just got tired of the pointless worry! It’s completely normal but of course not productive. Like you, I get my results straight away and that helps a lot. Accept it for what it is, a natural side effect of knowing that bad stuff can happen, and don’t make it any more difficult by delaying - think how good it will be to fly out on that wonderful trip!
    Best wishes for a happy outcome and happy travelling. 
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    @Chris51 ..... Scanxiety is totally normal - I was less anxious this year (2nd) than last year ..... so hopefully it WILL get better with passing years  xx

    That is a terrific image that @iserbrown has put up - sums it up quite nicely.

    How terrific that you will get your results virtually the same day too, so that you can then head off & enjoy your wonderful holiday to the USA & Mexico!!   We were in Cozumel a few years back when hubby competed in the Triathlon World Champs ..... we just loved it!  Wonderful people & VERY tasty food.

    All the best for your scans on Friday, and have a GREAT holiday xx